Winners of Nicole’s 2011 Winter Recipe Banana Fiber Yarn Color Naming Contest

Happy Winter my dears!

The first day of winter and I am getting blasted with snow here! Poor Mikey had to drive to work in this mess.

Did you see the new "How to make a tutu" post I set up this morning? 

If not, click here

But I wanted to share the results of the yarn color naming contest with you for the Winter 2011 Collection of Nicole's Recipe Banana Fiber Yarn (or Nicole's Recipe for short). I love the names you came up with.

Perhaps because it's chilly here the winner of Yarn #1 goes to Brett H with "All Iced Up". With the hues of a chilly blue, icey purple and a splash of sea foam green, "All Iced Up" seemed perfect to me!

For Yarn #2 Jo Karen M won with "Golden Gate Sunset". Perhaps I'm missing wine country up in that neck of the woods or I have fond memories of driving back from Muir Woods north of San Fran and knowing exactly what Jo Karen is talking about.

Also, I'll keep these yarns on sale until the end of the year. And how wonderful- because I am also running to promotion of when you purchase any 4 yarns on the site you get a 5th for free!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Lots more yarn and ribbon on the way so there is always an opportunity to win!



Yarn #1

Yarn #2