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Why You Should Put Yarn Skeins Into Glue

Strange Bedfellows


What? Beautiful yarn and you want me to toss it into glue? I know, I know.This just doesn't make sense! Or does it?

What good can possible come of this and why ruin a perfectly good skein of yarn? Well, there are lots of great things that can come from this and I want to share a few thoughts with you!

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Some things seems unlikely partners! Why would any fiber artist, beginner or expert, want to take a perfectly good skein or spool of yarn and throw it into a pot of glue? Well, let's be open to some strange bedfellows that we may not have ever imagined together: chocolate and peanut butter, beer in pancakes, Oscar and Felix, War and Peace, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump. Okay, not every odd pairing works out, but many bring us to new places of inspiration!

Stick To It

This is a great way to have fun with fiber. My granddaughter is a knitter-wanna-be and being that she is not quite ready for needles, we do things with fiber like these sticks. This is an easy way to experiment with fiber and a bit of a stash buster, too. Best part of all, it's simple!  

Find the fiber colors you want to use, gather sticks, pour glue into a small dish, grab some paper towels,and you have it! While over the bowl, dip the fiber in the glue and be sure  to push excess glue off the fiber using your thumb and forefinger.Wrap these small strips of bold fiber on the sticks and let try. Have a clear vase? Put the fiber sticks in the clear vase for a fun visual and great table center piece.


Not all fiber is wool or cotton or sari silk! Recycled newspaper yarn used with glue can create a wonderful look. How cool is that newspaper wrapped pot? This makes me think there are many ways to use yarn with glue. The fiber, the finished shape, and the purpose can lead to an infinite variety of vessels for home or gifting!

Another simple idea makes a great vase. First, you need to drink a bottle of wine and then try the yarn wrapped bottle idea from homedit.com. It might be wise to NOT attempt this project the same day you drink the wine! I've seen some super cute ideas for yarn bottles on Pinterest, too. Hemp makes a very earth friendly and natural looking vase. Oh and by the way, hemp and glue are kindred souls.

One more wrapping idea is this easy wool bowl tutorial courtesy of the feltstore.com. Rather than use a glue gun, I would try putting the yarn in a bowl of glue and then, doing the wrap. This would make the wool and glue stick readily to form the bowl.The glue gun method seems a bit more involved than I want to be, besides I am one of those people who likes to get messy!


String art uses hemp or other coarse fiber soaked in glue to create ornaments, decorations, and just fun projects for kids and grownups alike. Try our globe pattern and fill a room with colorful spheres! You can so do this because all you need is a basic structure for wrapping your glue covered yarn.Yes! Globe string art can take on many forms and why not make a string lamp as suggested thanks to sureawesomeness.com.

Sticky Business

Tricky, no. Messy, maybe. Fun, absolutely! Just like food or people, the pairing of unusual craft ideas can lead to incredible diversity and inspiration with a wonderful lifelong partnership. Say yes to glue and yarn! Grab a jug of glue, a bottle of wine, and some interesting fiber. Things are getting interesting now!

Now that we are thinking about the inspiration that comes from unusual pairings such as yarn and glue, I am curious about what you have done with this pair. We'd love to hear what new fiber adventures you have been on taking glue and yarn with you. Be sure to leave a comment or drop us an email at info@darngoodyarn.com because you inspire us!