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What's Your Darn Good Yarn Elf Name?

Each of us think of something (or someone) differently when we hear the term - Elf.

This time of year, for example, we might all picture Santa’s Elves. Other Elves that may come to mind:

  • Dobby, the good Elf from Harry Potter

  • Keebler Elves, who make delicious cookies

  • Elf on the Shelf, who keeps an eye out for Santa in the month of December

  • THE Elf (aka Will Farrell in tights)

All of these Elves have something in common, they make something that didn’t exist before and inspire happiness. Sound familiar? 😉

Embrace your Inner - Elf

Take our quiz below to figure out your Darn Good Yarn Elf Name.

It’s simple, just pair your initials with the corresponding letters and VOILA!

Our fearless Elf leader, Nicole Snow is Naughty Tinsel Ninny Muggins.

Text graphic with A-Z holiday festive names for the Darn Good Yarn Elf Name Quiz


On December 23rd, we will award a $10 DGY Gift Card to the person who has the funniest Elf name.