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What Your Yarn Choice Says About Your Love Life - Yarn Weight Edition

Written by Jon Serrano

The way you craft can speak wonders to the type of lover you are. The types of projects you make, the colors you favor, the fibers you use, or even the yarn weights you prefer, can all reveal more than you may think. Here we have 5 popular yarn weights and what they say about your love life.

A man and a woman are holding hands, but the man's face is covered with a blue skein of lace weight silk yarn

First we have lace weight yarn. This light weight yarn is very fine and can be difficult to work with. If this is your preferred weight, then you are likely a patient partner. You let things go and can see the value in giving your partner space to grow. However, your patience can be taken to the extreme and you cannot see when it is time to let go. Do not let your patience cost you your precious time.

A man with a face of yarn is giving a girl wearing glasses a piggy-back ride.

Next we have sock weight yarn. As the name suggests, great for socks but also other light projects like gloves, ankle warmers, and scarves. Having a particular interest in this weight means that you are likely a very consistent partner. You can be somebody’s rock. They know you will not change up on them. But this tends to evolve into a co-dependency. You always want to be with them for everything. You are looking for the other half to stay connected with at all times. Make sure you are meeting your partner in the middle, not dragging them there.

Two people are romantically gazing at each other as they sit at a picnic table...but one of the people has a skein of yarn as a head.

Still in the lighter weight yarns we have sport weight yarn. A great transitional yarn when moving on from heavier, easier to use weight yarns. This translates to being a very supportive partner. You are your partner’s number one fan in everything they do. Everything is great in the relationship until it is time to take the next step and make a real commitment. It takes a lot for you to commit so you just end up in short term relationships without any authentic connections. Take the time to assess your emotions and maybe even take a leap when you are not 100% sure. You may never feel 100%, but 90% is still very solid.

A woman is sitting down and smiling at the camera, with her yarn-headed boyfriend behind her.

The standard weight that most people are accustomed to, the worsted weight yarn. While a great introductory yarn weight, it is still very popular for all sorts of more advanced projects. A preference to worsted weight yarn shows a love for communication. You can convey your feelings to your partners as well as hear them out about theirs. Great communication has brought you closer to your partners than they have felt with others. This can get to your head and inflate your ego a bit. You may feel like your partner’s savior, like they cannot be anything without you. Clearly they were a fine individual before you and will get themselves back together after you. You can be confident in yourself as a partner without belittling your partner’s abilities.

A woman and her yarn-headed partner are taking a sunset stroll on the beach.

Our final yarn weight is bulky weight yarn. These yarns, like our sari ribbon yarn, come with very unique looks. The extra space on the fiber allows for more variation in patterns and colors. If you are particularly drawn to these yarns, you are likely very passionate in your relationships. You are the fun one, always creating unique experiences with your partner. The pace you move at is rampant and makes it difficult to keep up with. While it may stay exciting for your partner, you may find yourself losing interest in them just as quickly as you fell for them in the first place. There is no need to make rash decisions. You are allowed to try to work through issues rather than abandoning them as soon as it is no longer fun.

What do you think? Do any of these descriptions hit a little too close to home? While it is fun to extrapolate personalities from yarn choices, they will never give the full image of who you are or who you can become. You are an individual. These lists are all for fun. Stay tuned for what other yarn choices may say about you!

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