What Thanksgiving Dish Are You? - Darn Good Yarn

What Thanksgiving Dish Are You?

Gobble, gobble! 

What goes better with Thanksgiving dinner then a few laughs? 

Use your initials to figure out what Thanksgiving Dish you are.

We don't promote having phones out at the table BUT for extra laughs, go around the Thanksgiving table and have each guest share what dish they would be. 

Like the dinner table, no two dishes will be the same! Nicole (click here to follow Nicole Snow on Instagram!) is a lovely side of 'Diced Butter Fixings'.

Text graphic with text that reads 'What Thanksgiving Dish Are You?' and text with corresponding letters and thanksgiving words

Variety is the spice of life! Tell Us What Thanksgiving Dish You Are Below.
Happy Thanksgiving! Lots of Love, Team DGY