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What Kind Of Yarn Is Used For Amigurumi?

Written by Kate Curry

Amigurumi is a super cool artform that has taken the crafting world by storm! If you’re looking to make your own little amigurumi, but you’re stuck on yarn choices, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out and give you the know-how you’ll need to be cranking out amigurumis in no time!

What’s The Best Yarn For Amigurumis?

Most amigurumis are made out of cotton or acrylic yarn, ranging from sport weight to worsted weight. Just because these types and weights of yarn are the most commonly used does not mean they might be your favorite. Here at DGY, we would suggest reclaimed silk or acrylic yarn, ranging from lace weight to a light worsted weight.

We have a few examples of different types and weights of yarn being used in amigurumi so you can pick your perfect yarn yourself!

Find Your Favorite Amigurumi Yarn

Amigurumi Kits

A few different types of amigurumis (fox, unicorn, watermelon, cacti, and a frog) are sitting at a wooden kitchen table, looking like they're posing for the camera.

These kits come with acrylic yarn and everything you’ll need to either knit or crochet your new favorite amigurumi. We have a few different amigurumi kits, ranging from cuddly animals to yummy looking fruits!

Lace Weight Silk Yarn

A crystal ball made of light smoky purple and black yarn is resting on a wooden table in the sun. Behind the ball are a few different types of green, lush plants.
Crystal Ball Amigurumi | Magical Crochet Tutorial

Thin and colorful, our lace weight silk yarn comes in a myriad of colors for you to choose from to make colorful amigurumi creations.

Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Packs

A hand is holding an ombre purple amigurumi sugar plum fairy in front of a green bush
Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Fairy Amigurumi Crochet Kit

These stunning chiffon ombre packs are made from a blend of silk and polyester so you can create multi-dimensional pieces of art with each and every pack! The little bit of stretch in the ribbon can help you make larger amigurumi works just like our Sugarplum and Nutcracker Amigurumis!

Silk Roving Worsted Weight Yarn

Against a white wall, a pale arm is holding a rainbow amigurumi snake wrapped around their arm.
Snake Amigurumi Tutorial - No Sew Easy Amigurumi

Bulky, soft, and colorful - our worsted weight yarn (which comes in sparkle colorways as well) makes for the perfect yarn to create cuddly little pals.

Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn

A few fingers are holding a cute little blue octopus amigurumi- made out of our twist lace yarn. To the right of the little octopus is a cake of the same blue twist yarn.
Made by Jade, a member of our Darn Good Yarn Crafting Group!

Made from 100% silk and handspun by our incredible artisans, our twist sport weight yarn creates vivid and defined amigurumis. Thanks to the weight of the yarn, you can make small little amigurumis with stunning detail.

Recycled Silk Super Bulky Yarn

On a fluffy white rug, a hippo made of blue and teal chunky yarn is laying, facing away from the camera.
Recycled Silk Baby Hippo Crochet

Cozy up with our recycled silk super bulky yarn, which is used for warm cowls, headbands, and scarves, and can be used to create the fluffiest friend you can imagine. This bulky yarn works up super quick so you can have a brand new amigurumi in no time!

Recycled Silk Yarn "Lux Adventure"

Against a white brick wall, a hand is supporting a fuzzy white snowman wearing a red and white chevron scarf and hat.
Silky Snowman Amigurumi Crochet Kit

Our Lux Adventure collection is luxurious, soft, and delicious, with a vibrant, colorful punch! Made of 100% Premium Silk, this yarn is sinfully soft to the touch, while still maintaining characteristics of its sister yarn, making sure your amigurumi looks fuzzy without losing any defining definition!

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