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What Is Malabrigo Yarn?

Written by Kate Curry

What Is Malabrigo?

If you’re new to the fiber arts world, you may not have heard of the fabulous Malabrigo yarn company! This small company creates yarn, predominantly wool sourced from Uruguayan farmers, in various colors and weights. The yarn is spun, dyed, and tagged by their crafters in Peru before being shipped all over the world! 

Malabrigo is one of the most popular hand dyers in the world and we here at DGY are proud to offer their incredible yarn! 

An open skein of purple malabrigo worsted weight wool yarn, showing the warm purple strands.

What Is Worsted Wool?

Worsted wool is a finer, stronger, and warmer wool yarn that is highly sought after for cardigans, sweaters, scarves, and other warm articles of clothing. It’s typically ultra smooth and fine, making it the perfect yarn for gifts! 

A close up picture of a curled up skein of purple worsted weight malabrigo yarn.

The majority of malabrigo yarn that our customers geek over is their worsted weight wool yarn, but they have so much more than that! With 20+ types of yarn ranging from worsted, rasta, rios, and sock - there’s  so much to choose from! 

Malabrigo Yarns

Check out a few of the Malabrigo yarns that Darn Good Yarn is proud to offer!

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