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What Is Frogging In Knitting?

Written by Alyssa Scott

For the most part, fiber crafts and amphibious life forms are not words you’d find in the same sentence. 

A green and white amigurumi stuffed frog with it's arms and legs tied together is being held up in front of a frame of twinkling fairy lights.
Who wouldn't love a little froggy friend?

If you’ve spent some time in the fiber arts community, you might have found that knitters and crocheters do actually discuss frogs– a lot! Or more precisely, you might hear the word frog used as a verb, “oh I made a mistake and now I have to frog,” or “I’ve been frogging this project and now I have a huge pile of yarn to wind.”So what do frogs have to do with crafting? The truth is, frogging is a little bit of an inside joke among crafters. As a crafter, it’s not uncommon to find that you’ve made a mistake a few rows back. When this happens there are two solutions, you could ignore the mistake and keep on stitching. The other option is to rip out the previous rows, fix the mistake, and move on from there.The concept of frogging comes from the latter solution, taking your progress and having to rip it, rip it, ripit, ribbit, ribbit!

Pale fingers with chipping green nail polish pull at the working orange yarn, tugging (or frogging) out the stitches of bright orange yarn.

So you can see how punny the crafting community can be!If you’re only ripping out a single row or part of a row, it wouldn’t be frogging but rather tinking.

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