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What Is Crochet Yarn Called?

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Is There A Difference Between Knitting Yarn And Crochet Yarn?

Both knitting and crochet can use the same fibers for their projects, with one exception. Thread tends to be too small for knitting, while a very narrow crochet hook can more easily handle the details of those tiny materials. For both handcrafts, it is simply called yarn!

Yarn to knit with,Yarn to crochet with,Yarn to relax the day away with!

Best Crochet Yarn For Beginners

Acrylic and cotton yarn are common choices for beginners, especially in worsted weight or bulky weight. These fibers are best to learn how to crochet with, especially when they are simple colors that are light enough to see your stitches.

Cotton Yarn For Crochet

Cotton yarn is durable and doesn’t stretch much, providing a stable medium to work with for your crochet projects!

Herbal Dyed Sport Weight Silk Mini Skein Multipack

Herbal dyed sport weight cotton yarn for crochet

This Mini Skein Multipack is perfect for beginners to crochet a variety of projects, and even practice a few multicolored patterns along the way!

Circulo Cotton Maxcolor 4/4

Cotton yarn for crochet, best beginner crochet supplies

Simple and sweet, this gorgeous sea foam teal yarn is sure to help inspire momentum, and get those practice projects finished and mastered!

Advanced Yarn For Crochet

Yarns with a lot of color variance and texture can be a challenge to work with, but the end result is a stunning crocheted work of art! Fibers like these are perfect for taking on that masterpiece you’ve always aspired to:

Lace Weight Silk Yarn

Lace weight colorful yarn for crochet

This powerfully colorful yarn will be sure to get people asking about your projects! A colorway this proud is sure to draw attention to the fine detail of your craftsmanship. Show it off!

Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn

Premium silk yarn, gifts for advanced crocheters

This yarn brings art and luxury together in full force! Are we going for cloaked-queen, or covered in creativity? Yes to both!

Block Printed Handmade Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, Fiber arts gifts for advanced crocheters.

This block printed ribbon yarn will take your favorite crochet stitch to the next level! It has a soft, tinker-in-the-garden appearance that is just perfect for sunny days!

Choti Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn

Crochet yarn fibers, gifts for advanced crocheters

Last but not least, this Choti Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn is an absolute must have when you're working on a crochet gift for the adventuring child you love, or simply a child at heart! This ball of whimsy is a far cry from simple, but the projects made with it are unforgettable.

Which type of crochet yarn is best for you? Try new ones out along the way, and you'll be sure to find new favorites all throughout your crafting journey!

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