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What Crochet Stitch Uses the Least Yarn?

Written by Jordan Lemley

What crochet stitch uses the least yarn? My instinct is to say a single crochet, because you're making tighter stitches. We already know that knitting is often associated with using less yarn per row as the stitches are tight. However, when I really think about it from a crafting point of view, I must admit that when I have a smaller skein of yarn generally stitches that involve spacing get me a lot further. 

A hand holding a green crochet leaf and an orange metal crochet hook.

Open stitch crochet projects are the go-to projects when your skein of yarn is just too small, or you’re trying to use up some yarn scraps for a quick project. Any lace stitch will give you more bang for your buck.  Try using a V-stitch, filet stitch, or trellis stitch instead of a basic single, double, or treble crochet. These stitches all have spacing that allow for the project to progress without using a ton of yarn. 

A swatch of the trellis stitch made out of lavender yarn is being stretched out by two hands on a wooden table.

One of the most “yarn saving” stitches is the Solomon Stitch, which is one of my personal favorites, it works up quickly, uses less yarn, and has a super cool pattern. This stitch can be used in scarves, cardigans, blankets, you name it, it's super versatile. This is by far the best stitch to use for yarn thriftiness!

When trying to conserve yarn, especially expensive skeins, thinking about the pattern and yarn usage is very important. No one wants to spend a ton of money on a skein of yarn that can’t take them very far in a project, or forces them to spend more just to finish the project. You can still create breathtaking projects by practicing some yarn frugality!

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