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What Are The Must Have Knitting Tools?

Written by Kate Curry

Knitting is one of the best hobbies in the world (no, I’m not biased at all)! To become fiber artists, there are a few tools that you will need to go from beginner to expert! 

Straight Needles 

Women holding yarn with knitting needles and a cup of coffee

The most basic tools of the knitting trade! 

Interchangeable Knitting Needles

On a golden plate sits multicolored metal interchangeable knitting needles and their clear cables.

Never get stuck without the right needle size or cable length again, you'll always be prepared for your next knitting adventure with this set! These awesome circular needles come with a sturdy organizational case as well! 

Yarn Bowls

An adorable black and orange splotched cat is lounging on a wooden table. In front of the cat is a wooden yarn bowl with a cake of multicolored yarn sitting inside the bowl and threaded through the yarn curl.
These yarn bowls are a game changer! They keep your ball of yarn organized as you work through a project! We have a ton of gorgeous options for you to choose from!  

Stitch Markers

A pile of loose white, yellow, pink, and blue stitch markers on a white background.

Keep track of your stitches with our easy to use stitch markers! 

A Darn Good Yarn Swift

A gif of a girl wearing a white top and glasses sitting at a striped table. She's spinning pink-yellow-green multicolored yarn on a wooden yarn swift.

Get working on your next knit or crochet project faster than ever with this Darn Good Yarn Swift! Quickly and easily ball your yarn, without getting it tangled or knotted.

Made in India, these yarn swifts are super compact but stretch out to take on your largest skeins of yarn or your smallest. They can slip right away into your crafting tools drawer and just pull it out whenever you need to whip up a skein into a ball!

Row Counter

A pale hand is outstretched, holding a lime green row counter which is set on row 18

I don’t know where I’d be without a row counter! If you’re making your own pattern or following along with a long pattern, a row counter will save you from a ton of ‘am I on row 98 or 99?’ anxiety. 

Double Pointed Needles

A ball of white and gray speckled yarn is resting on a wooden board. Next to the ball of yarn are two sets of double pointed needles.

Known as DPNs in most patterns, these needles are a widely loved tool used for working up circular projects that are too small and delicate for your usual circular needles! 

Crochet Hooks

Underneath a yarn bowl, teal and purple speckled yarn is being crochet into a gorgeous garment. To the right of the crochet hook there are two crystals.

I know, it sounds nuts, but crochet hooks can be a life saver for dropped stitches and fixing mistakes that all of us are bound to make now and again 

Storage Bag

A woman wearing dark glasses, a pink shirt, and jeans is sitting on a foldable chair out in the forest. She's working on a project and at her feet is a large purple darn good yarn storage bag

If you’re a knitter, that means you’ve got yarn coming out the wazoo! Storage bags are perfect for sorting, storing, and taking your yarn, needles, and notions with you on vacation! 


A young Indian woman with her dark hair pulled back is wearing a black shawl over her red sari and a pair of rubber gloves. She's standing at the yarn dyeing table with a bottle of dye in her hand.

Every knitter needs yarn. It’s a fact! Check out our most popular yarn below! 

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