Welcome to the new, super-duper Darn Good Yarn!!!


Well, it's been a long time coming.

No one tells you when you own your own business you don't have to everything yourself... I totally missed that memo. I was trying to be photographer (which I still am) and website coder and shipper. I tried and tried and tried and then I realized I needed help....professional help.

So, Tim, a shoutout to you an your team at Aarfie.

So, I incorporated my favorite color... I'll give you three guesses!

I've put a ton of love into the redesign and I hope that you find our new site not just a place to get your favorite unique yarn for your crafting adventures; but you use it as a resource to check out the free patterns, find out what artists I'm featuring are doing, organizing tips and anything else I can think of to make your day easier (think meditation and guest appearances from my favorite yoga instructor Wanda).

And yes, I love love love hearing what you have to say... so you see that comments section below? Well, fill it out and share your voice!

So what do you think?

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  • Nicole Snow