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Upcycling Yarn From Denim and Other Materials

multicolored yarn skeins

Play It Again, Sam

Yarn is now a very broad subject. Where once we had choices of wool, acrylic, or cotton, we now have so many choices. Here at DGY, we are all about recycled fibers and keeping products like sari silk out of landfills. It's just the right thing to do as we are more and more reminded that we all need to be globally aware.

Fiber now comes in a gazillion(okay, maybe not quite that many!) different forms. People are creative and now look at things and say "hey, is there some other way that I can use this"? And clothing is now becoming another area where we now stop and re-consider. I stored a few bags of clothes that I will never wear but I can use to make rugs or yarn. This is the world we live in and the idea of denim yarn and recycled materials is one that we believe in.

Blue Jean Baby

denim ribbon yarn over a white background

What? Not my good jeans! No, of course we find a purpose for things at DGY that have outlived their first life or are heading for landfills. Yikes! Far better to create something and breathe life into unusual fibers. We take this seriously and that is why we have denim ribbon in three colors of serger thread detail.

Denim may seem like a unique idea but think about it! Our blue jeans are a very sturdy fabric usually made out of 100% cotton. The durability of this ribbon lends itself to being upcycled. Try a bag handle, purse straps, and this is excellent for mixed media projects.  Hmmm.... a hammock just came to mind and with the strength of this denim ribbon, I think it would be awesome.

Extra! Extra!

newspaper yarn over a white background

Gotta love this upcycling. Old newspapers made into yarn? Yes! We really are creating a world where we find using for things rather than throw them out! This newspaper yarn is handmade of recycled newspapers and comes on a spool like this. Great for cording, rustic weaving, macrame, and gift wrap. This is news you don't want to miss!

Burlap Bag Race, Anyone?

burlap ribbon yarn over a white background

Well, that would be one way to use a burlap bag! Our burlap ribbon is a yarn that is made from reclaimed burlap bags. Talk about recycling! So upcycling yarn like this means having a natural look that can take the weather. Outdoor rugs, beach bags, and bows on wreaths. Its awesome for wrapping gift and you can pair it with recycled sari silk ribbon rolls for a pop of color!

Silky Smooth

chunky yarn over a white background

Ideas for upcycling and making things better than they were is new and yet, has a past, too, We are learning from our history that re-using and re-purposing is not only practical, it's also about not filling the landfills with "stuff". Thousands of pounds of silk have NOT gone to the landfills with the making of DGY recycled sari silk yarns and the handspun fibers employ over 600 people. Now that is upcycling!

One World

skein of yarn over a white background

Mother Earth matters and we all need to be stewards of this one planet. Yes, not all of our products are recycled, but we are trying hard to make a difference in some way. In buying yarns like our Premium Handspun Sari Silk, you too are helping to provide work, re-source what would be in the landfill, and keep our one world cleaner. Every little bit helps and your creativity brings new life to upcycling yarns!