Tops to Wear with Your Sari Wrap Skirt - A Year Round Fashion Guide - Darn Good Yarn

Tops to Wear with Your Sari Wrap Skirt - A Year Round Fashion Guide

So, you've discovered our amazing Recycled Sari Silk Wrap Skirts! If you're like many of the women working here at Darn Good Yarn, these skirts have become a regular part of your wardrobe! Why wouldn't they? These comfortable, ethical, and versatile skirts can be worn anywhere and during any time of the year. 

Here's our year-round guide to stops to wear with your sari skirts in each season!


Spring is the perfect season to begin wearing lighter fabrics. As the weather transitions from cold to warm, long sleeve button-ups are a popular choice. Blouse-button up combos look awesome with our Sari Wrap Skirts. Pair a bright and beautiful spring time skirt with a matching-double layer top! Chambray and denim shirts are great for this type of outfit as they go with any color scheme. 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt, t shirt and denim jacket standing in the midst of greenery


Summer is t-shirt and tank season! Our skirts look excellent with your short sleeve and sleeveless summer shirts! A tank-top and sari silk skirt combo is one of the most summery and most comfortable outfits you can wear! 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt, tank top, hat, and booties walking across a street


Enter the ever beloved season of sweater weather! When fall comes, many of us run willingly towards our cozy sweatshirts, sweaters, and cardigans! Good news. Cardigans are absolutely perfect for wearing with your sari silk skirts! Through on a matching t-shirt or tank and layer over it with your favorite cardigan. If you knit of crochet, make sure check out our Zephyr Tides Knit Pattern and Kit.

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and cardigan, hat, and books sitting next to a tree reading a book

If fall is still a bit to hot for sweaters where you live, or if you would simply like another option, long sleeve t-shirts and blouses can also be paired with our sari silk skirts for a fashionable fall look!

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt and red turtleneck and hat standing in front of a body of water


Unless you live a warm climate, winter is the trickiest season in which to wear skirts. But, despite the nay-sayers, it can be done! Two major keys to enjoying your skirts in the winter are (1) leggings and (2) long socks. When it comes to the top half of your outfit, your sari silk skirt will go beautifully with a variety of jackets, coats, and sweaters! Try a fleece-lined denim jacket like the one shown below or a neutral colored bomber jacket. Have fun with layers and make those layers compliment the many colors in your sari silk skirt! 

Woman wearing a sari wrap skirt, winter jacket, hat and boots, standing on a dock in front of a body of water

These are just a few ideas about ways that you can incorporate your skirts into your wardrobe throughout the year. We encourage you to try them and experiment with your own clothing combos to match your personal sense of style! If you have some favorite kinds of tops to wear with your skirts throughout the changing seasons, let us know!