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Top Crochet Cardigan Patterns & Kits

Written by Kate Curry

Welcome to the wonderful world of cardigan crochet! If you’re looking for how to crochet a cardigan, you have come to the right place…blog? Anyway, you’re here for that sweet sweet free cardigan crochet patterns and crochet cardigan kits! Let’s get into it!

Supplies For Crocheting Cardigans

Crochet Hooks
Yarn Needle
Tape Measure
Stitch Markers & Counters
Yarn that is durable, soft, and flowy. No one likes a stiff cardigan! We’d suggest these types of yarn for your crochet cardigan:
DK Weight Naturally Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn
DK Weight Naturally Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Packs
Silk Roving Worsted Weight Yarn
Sparkle Worsted Weight Silk Yarn
Banana Fiber Yarn
On an aged picnic table lay 12 different colored skeins of solid colored worsted weight silk yarn. There is also a pink crochet hook and two granny squares, made of different blue and pink yarn.

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Crochet A Cardigan?

The average crochet cardigan can take up to 4-8 skeins of yarn, depending on the yarn’s thickness and yardage. The amount of skeins can also vary depending on the size, length, and intricacy of the cardigan crochet pattern you’re following along with.

How To Crochet A Cardigan For Beginners

Even though they can appear daunting to beginners, crochet cardigans are very easy to make! As long as you check your patterns to ensure that they’re labeled correctly as easy/beginner and keep track of your stitches and rounds, you will be successful!

Some of the easiest cardigans to make are crochet patchwork cardigans - where you will crochet multiple pieces and then stitch them together to create the finished cardigan. There are also multicolored, striped, patterned, or solid cardigans that are super simple for beginners!

Easy Crochet Cardigans For Beginners

Granny Square Cardi

Granny Square Cardigan with a sport top and yoga pants over a white background

Transform a regular granny square into a beautiful, comfy & cozy cardigan with this crochet pattern featuring Darn Good Yarns Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal - which is no longer available! We’d suggest using Malabrigo Caprino Yarn , Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn , or DK Weight Naturally Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn!

Granny Square Cardi Crochet Pattern

Kimchi Cardigan

a person wearing a pink cardigan outside

Love crochet, dislike seaming? This easy cardigan pattern is worked from the top down, using first single crochet and then finishing with the decorative cabbage patch stitch. It can be easily customized for length by adding or subtracting rows in the body or sleeves. The end result is a fun, comfy, easy cardigan with some decorative texture! You can use Malabrigo Worsted Yarn, Silk Roving Worsted Weight Yarn, Sparkle Worsted Weight Silk Yarn, or even Banana Fiber Yarn!

Kimchi Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Emerald Pools Bolero Jacket

woman wearing the multicolored Emerald Pools Bolero Jacket outdoors

This gorgeous bolero jacket crochet pattern is the perfect layer for the warmer months! The pattern features our super lightweight Lace Weight Silk Yarn. After all, cardigans are just mini jackets afterall!

Emerald Pools Bolero Jacket Crochet Pattern

Even More Crochet Cardigan Patterns & Kits! 

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