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Top 6 Baby Knit and Crochet Projects

If you love to knit or crochet, you know that when it comes to DIY gifts for babies and soon-to-be moms, there is no such thing as “last minute.” Those knit baby booties, baby blanket knitting patterns, and other baby knitting patterns all take time. You can’t simply click over to Amazon Prime and order some board books or jet down to the outlet mall and pick up a set of onesies. Nope, if you are bound and determined to make something for a baby, you start in advance. Weeks and months of work can go into making the perfect blanket, hat, booties, or other special items for the little ones in your life.

Of course, if you are going to spend the next few weeks constructing something beautiful and meaningful, you will want to find the perfect pattern. Have you ever gotten to the end of a project, only to frown, unravel it, and start something new? It can be deeply disappointing to do substantial work on a knit or crochet project, only to find out that the pattern didn’t hold up or the finished project just doesn’t look right.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a helpful list of our favorite baby knitting patterns and baby crochet patterns. With plenty of time before your next baby shower, newborn, or even your own next pregnancy, you’ll be able to find your best-fit project.

1. Hugs Baby Booties Knit and Crochet Kit

Blue Hugs Baby Booties pair on a white background
These booties are cozy, soft, and a hug for teeny, tiny, baby feet! Whether the weather outside is frightful or delightful, baby toes will stay warm inside these booties. They have a thick, rustic look that will certainly please the boho babies out there. An added plus: you can get two pairs from one hank! These can be whipped up in no time at all, so when you truly do need a last-minute gift, but want to make it yourself, you can turn to this pattern with confidence. Whether you’d rather have knit baby booties or crochet baby booties (or one pair of each!), this kit has you covered.

2. Merino Wool Baby Hood Kit

Little girl wearing a Merino Wool Baby Hoodie Hat and a red coat standing in front of a brick wall
Searching for something to keep a baby’s face warm and protect from the elements? This easy hood will fit over his or her head and is thin enough to use as an extra layer under a coat or jacket hood. Little ones will love the soft Merino Wool against their cheeks and ears. They won’t know that it’s also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and resistant to odors, but Mom sure will! Each kit includes a pattern and a skein of Merino Wool.

3. Mommy and Me Pack Crochet Kit

Woman and baby standing in front of a pile of wood and wearing matching pink bags
Everybody loves a Mommy & Me pattern. This one will be the right fit for adventurous duos, organized moms on the go, and all the boho babies in your life. This set is entirely customizable—choose from a tote bag or backpack. Moms may prefer the crossbody bag that is more purse-like, while toddlers can go hands-free with the backpack. Get ready for endless questions about where you got the bags, how you made them, and so much more. Friends and strangers will be begging you for one of these sets! Leather strips are used for the bag straps, enhancing the natural look of the bags, and you can choose from numerous color options. Whether you make these as a gift or keep them for yourself, these Mommy & Me packs will surely be one of your favorite baby crochet patterns.

4. Raspberry Dream Baby Blanket Pattern and Kit

Cream colored raspberry dream baby blanket on a white bed with a wooden coaster, mug of coffee, reading glasses, and a pink peony
You could spend years searching for the perfect baby blanket knitting pattern. Or you could trust that we’ve already found it! This one works up into a blanket that is soft, plush, and oh-so dreamy. The unique texture is created using a Raspberry Stitch, while our Variegated Thick and Thin Wool Yarn adds warmth and softness. If you gift this to new parents, they will not only be impressed by your handiwork, but truly delighted by this high-quality blanket. Wrap up a newborn in this, and he or she will be sleeping on a cloud. Sad to see it go? Make a matching one for yourself to use a throw during the winter months.

5. Amigurumi Puppy Crochet Kit

Girl holding a pink amigurumi puppy stuffed animal in her lap and wearing a striped sweater and blue floral skirt
When it comes to baby knitting patterns and baby crochet patterns, you might think of blankets, booties, and other classic accessories for newborns and toddlers. Have you ever considered crochet toys? Amigurumi refers to the Japanese trend of crocheting or knitting small stuffed animals, people, or other creatures. This adorable puppy version of amigurumi is sized for small hands, has a friendly face, and will stand out among other stuffed animals for its adorable, handmade look. This pattern is ideal for beginners, as it only takes one skein of yarn and necessitates just the basic crochet stitches. Be careful: this crochet puppy might become your baby’s new best friend. At least if it gets lost, you can always make another one!

6. Newborn Duster Style Cardigan Crochet Kit

Yarn donut ball in blue, yellow, and purple sitting on a white background
Have you looked through all the baby crochet patterns and found only the same old styles? You may want to try this unique duster-style cardigan. Designed to fit the teeniest of recently-born babies, this cardigan will have infants looking stylish and staying warm. The wrap shape will keep little ones layered and safe inside their cozy, handmade sweater. If you pair this piece with a matching knit bootie and hat, you will have the most stylish, put-together baby on the block! With several colors to choose from, you can make this trend-setting sweater for all the newborn girls and boys on your list.

So, are you ready to get started? The above baby knitting patterns and baby crochet patterns are some of our absolute favorites. If you’re worried about starting a new project—don’t! A handmade gift is one of the most meaningful items you can give to a new parent, even if it is given weeks or months down the road. Whatever pattern you choose, as long as you knit or crochet from the heart, the project will be perfect.