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Top 5 Self-Care Ideas While Prepping for The Holidays

The week of Thanksgiving is here and some of us are already setting up our trees and humming Christmas carols! As the holiday season unfolds all around us, it's fun to be a part of the excitement, but it is also a little too easy to become stressed and overwhelmed. With gift shopping, preparing for large holiday meals and family visits, and all the other things that come along with a busy holiday schedule, this season can take its toll on those who let self-care fall to the wayside. 

"What is Self-Care", some of you may be asking. Put simply, self care is the effort and time you put into yourself to make sure that you are happy and healthy. During the holiday season, many of us tend to totally forget about ourselves and we invest our time and resources into others.

That's why we've decided to share our top 5 self-care ideas while prepping for the holidays with you! In the midst of the busyness this season, we hope that these tips help you reduce your stress levels and enjoy every moment! 

1. Plan Ahead and Say "No" When You Need To

One of the stressful things about the holidays can be the last minute and sporadic nature of the plans that your friends and relatives make. Since the holiday season is short, all of these plans end up piled on top of each other until you and your family have no time to enjoy the season for yourselves. Before you knot it, you've agreed to attend five Christmas parties, Christmas Eve Brunch with Aunt Peggy, to go caroling the night of Christmas Eve, and to host your brother-in-law and his four kids on Christmas Day. This is especially likely if you're the type of person who has trouble saying "no" to commitments, when when you know you should.

Our solution? In the interest of self-care and keeping holiday stress to a minimum, make a schedule early in the holiday season and stick to that schedule. Decide which relatives you will see and when, what holiday gatherings you will attend, and when you will celebrate with your household. Then, as other opportunities or requests come along, go back to this schedule. If what you have been asked or invited to do conflicts or seems to be in a close time-pinch with a schedules item, don't be afraid to say no! 

2. Take the Time to Do What You Love

Bird's eye view of woman sitting on a bed with a wooden tray, a blue ball of yarn, circular knitting needles, and an open bag of m&ms

One of the best self-care tips we can give you during any time of the year is to take the time to work on your hobbies and the things that you enjoy! This is especially important during the holidays when priorities become shuffled around and personal time becomes scarce. 

We know that for many of the DGY Blog readers, most-loved hobbies include knitting, crocheting, and crafting! If you love to make and create things, there is no better time to do so than while you prepare for the holidays! No matter what your creative outlet is, prioritize it! This will help you relieve stress and stay focused on what's important.

Do you have Yarn Of The Month Boxes from earlier in the year that you can work on now? (If you don't have any boxes, Yarn Of The Month  Club is a great holiday gift-for-self idea!) Remember that you can also use your travel sized Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl to work on projects while in transit to the homes of your relatives! 

3. Keep Exercising

It might seem obvious, but we're going to talk about it anyway. Physical exercise is one of the most important self-care activities you can participate in, especially during a high-stress season when deserts and sweet treats are everywhere in sight! Whatever sort of exercise you normally do, make sure that you keep doing it and don't fall out of your routine during November-January! 

Whether you enjoy yoga, running, cross fit, or working out at the gym, physical exercise is proven to reduce stress levels and to improve not only your bodily health, but your mental and emotional health as well! 

Although we cannot recommend it as a replacement for your workout, remember that knitting burns calories too! 

4. Look Your Best

Two women are walking together, wearing open sweaters and fall-colored sari wrap recycled skirts.

This might seem like an odd one as it wounds like, well, a lot of work. You thought this post was about self-care and relaxing, right? Don't worry, it still is. As it turns out, looking your best can be easy! 

As many of us have experienced, situations (especially the social kind) are much less stressful and more enjoyable when you feel like you are looking your best! Looking your best is an important part of self-care because it boosts confidence and shows others that you practice a level of self-love and respect. 

So, when holiday events and parties happen this year, how can you look your best without stressing over your outfit? Focus on the Three C's: Comfort, Color, and Class! Choose close that feel comfortable, look classy, and feature holiday colors! Clothes like this include thick winter leggings, warm sweaters, sweater dresses, our famous Sari Wrap Skirts, and our new Sari Silk Medley Scarves

5. Take the Time to Slow Down and Appreciate All That You Have

As we will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we are reminded that a grateful heart is a happy heart. This self-care tip will not only be good for you, but for those around you as well! Throughout this often hectic time of year, remember to take moments to stop, take a look around, and realize what you are thankful for.

Do you have family to celebrate the season with? Do you have a home to host holiday guests in? The food necessary to create an awesome holiday meal? As you allow yourself the time and space to be grateful for these things, your outlook will become brighter and the festivities will inevitably be more fun! 

As you give to your friends and family this holiday season, don't forget to take care of yourself too! Following these self-care tips will help you have a safe and happy holiday! 

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