The Words and Wisdom of Doris - Darn Good Yarn

The Words and Wisdom of Doris

If you take the time to read some of my sometimes wildly long product descriptions, you'll find embedded stories about how I stumbled across fun products that I bring to Darn Good Yarn-ers!


Oh how I love to cook! Offical chef of Darn Good Yarn

Ever since watching Julie and Julia, it's made me fall in love with my kitchen. No, I'm not making everything Julia Child's style because I don't have a defibrillator in my dining room. But I do like putting an apron on and chopping stuff and experimenting.


Official and Unofficial Husband of Darn Good Yarn

Actually, I have a funny story for you! Last weekend, I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies. For me, they were light, sort of like thick crepes. It was perfect for me. I said to my husband Mike, "You must have one! These are the best cookies ever!". So, he starts eating it. I tell you, he had the saddest "Cookie Eating Face" I have ever seen. He said, "You said these were the best cookies ever'. Ouch.... I guess I needed a couple of more sticks of butter, some lard, maybe deep fried them and it would have been good!

So, a girl needs an apron. In my case, aprons. Enter, Doris! I found her wonderful aprons on etsy!

Darn Good Yarn now sells a couple of wonderful items she makes just for us crafters too:

But this morning, Doris emailed me and a few sentences stuck out in her email that I wanted to share with you:

remember, all the work can wait for a day - one must take time to enjoy themselves. I didn't learn that until I took early retirement and I almost learned it the hard way. Now - I believe that 1/3 of our time should be work, 1/3 of our time for family and 1/3 of our time to just simply enjoy life

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ~Nicole