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The Symbolism Of Tangerine: Color Swatches For The Soul

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Welcome back to another edition of Color Swatches For The Soul, where we are taking a closer look at the symbolism of shades, and how to set the mood for your craft projects, fashion, and lifestyle with color psychology! Today we’re looking at Tangerine.

Tangerine colored symbols including a vine, a book, a ball of yarn, and a pair of high heels in front of an orange silhouette of a woman's face, with a grey and rainbow color swatch background.

The Orange Family

The color orange represents self confidence and the immune system, as it is the color of the resilient vitamin c! As a mix of the ambitious, passionate red and the joyful, sunny yellow, orange symbolizes standing up for your happiness and taking actions to lead you toward it, as well as focusing on the active parts of your life that bring you joy! Orange focuses on the self primarily, because we cannot make others happy. For this reason, in excess it can become egotistical or obnoxious.

How Tangerine Sets The Mood

Tangerine is a slightly yellower, lighter shade of orange. As such, it has a less serious tone to it, and brings about a sense of innocent, joyful self indulgence. Leaning away from the brashly active red, and more towards the sociable pink, it is a wonderful color for celebrating or vacationing with friends!

A white frame in front of a rainbow color palette background, with two tangerine colored hands and a ball of yarn in the center.

How To Use Tangerine In Your Craft Projects

Tangerine represents balanced confidence, and enjoyment in the current moment. It can be used for any craft project that needs to find a happy medium between standing out, and cooperation.

Tangerine is the perfect hue to use in for crafts around the office, or for birthday gifts! It says, ‘I’m awesome, you’re awesome, we’re awesome.’ It is also a great color for getting up the courage to release old fears, and break patterns that no longer serve you.

A woman's silhouette in tangerine color in a white frame, on top of an orange and rainbow color palette background.

Color Palettes For Tangerine

Tangerine can play well with neutrals, pastels, and darks quite well! It will clash against moody colors and jewel tones, unless they are balanced very carefully. It is one of the more versatile shades of orange, and can add a pop of self-assuredness to most simple, medium to light palettes.

Tangerine is most at home and in its full essence when surrounded by bright, like minded colors. Confetti, stripes, or polkadots of spring green, pinks, aquas, and yellows all bring life to the party that Tangerine wants to throw. They give the innocent confidence of the hue something to be glowing about in its celebration!

All in all, Tangerine symbolizes active joy, and lives out the essence of gratitude on a day-to-day basis. Whichever colors you add to your palette, the orange family is sure to be certain that it belongs right where it is.

If you can feel it, there’s a color for it!

Meet the Author

Close up of the author, Michaela Matthews wearing red lipstick and a poofy red scarf with white flower arrangement in background.

"Mac" is on the Lifestyle Team here at Darn Good Yarn, and loves taking a ‘teach a man to fish’ approach to creative therapy. She is certified in neuro-linguistic programming, and is also the surreal artist and author behind Surrealismac.