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The Story of Our Recycled Sari Wrap Skirt

Why We Do It

Darn Good Yarn believes in people and our planet first. How you ask? Here we are going to tell you the story of our Recycled Sari Wrap Skirts. We provide jobs to artisan women in India; we provide our planet with the opportunity to reuse what could have been waste; and we provide confidence, fun, and eclecticism to everyone who purchases these skirts. We are very proud of this trifecta of good!

How They're Made

Artisan in India holding a sign that says "I made your skirt" in front of sari wrap skirts

In India, women wear saris and, like anyone who needs to update their closet, there comes a time when their loved pieces of clothing may get discarded. This is where Darn Good Yarn comes in! Our manufacturers work with people who visit home to home and offer an exchange of kitchen utensils and appliances for unwanted saris. All of these almost discarded saris are brought to our manufacturers where they are sorted and categorized into 4 types. No. 1 being of the highest quality (spoiler alert: this group of saris are the ones that turn into our skirts!). Once they are graded they are washed and inspected once more. Then they are turned over to our women artisans who cut and reassemble these saris into our Sari Wrap Skirts, giving this fabric a second life. Silk is a coveted natural fiber. Using almost-discarded garments means we get to give the skirts to you at a great price, and you get to help us give them a new life!

You’ll see on our website that they are made of an blend of viscose silk and soft rosgulla sari fabric. When our amazing female artisans get the material brought in, they piece the remnants of material together when they are making these skirts. Because of the nature of our skirts, some come with small imperfections--don’t we all? These skirts are perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes them so special. With that being said we will make sure you are happy with every purchase. :)

What Makes Them Special

Five women wearing wrap sari skirts different ways

These skirts are seriously amazing. They are the perfect addition to a pared-down wardrobe. Providing a multi-use maximalism piece for a one-stop-shop of creative juices. Each one of our skirts is one of a kind. They all come from extremely unique and special fabric designs. We collect these forgotten and nearly discarded materials and give them new life! You can feel as special as each one of these skirts is when you wear them. They are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because they provide an element of surprise and excitement but are also extremely versatile. Every skirt is reversible with a new exciting pattern and don’t forget it can be worn as a dress, shawl or even top! As if they needed to be better, what makes these skirts the best is that they grow with you. Because it’s a wrap, each skirt is able to be worn by a range of sizes, so they can grow or shrink with you. Which means whatever life fluctuations you may go through, these skirts have your back. :) Every thread of this skirt is part of a much larger message, centralized around love, empowerment, and inclusivity!

Get empowered, be sustainable, and support women with us!