The Perfect Holiday Crafts for Kids

November 05, 2018 2 min read

The Perfect Holiday Crafts for Kids

Now that November has started, it's no longer safe to say that the Holidays are on their way. They're here! But don't worry. If you're not quite ready for the Holiday Season, Darn Good Yarn has your back. If doing fun Christmas or Winter themed crafts with your kids (or students, if you're a teacher) is part of your holiday tradition, then you're in the right place! We're here to make your holidays a little easier with some awesome kid's craft ideas! Here are some of the perfect holiday crafts for kids! 

1. Pastel Arm Knit Chiffon Cowl Kit

Wintertime is the perfect time for scarves and here at DGY, we're all about making personalized scarves yourself! Our Pastel Arm Knit Chiffon Cowl Kit is perfect for beginner knitters and kids! This easy project does not even require knitting needles. All you need is your arms and some of our chiffon ribbon yarn.

Also check out our 30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Kit

2.Yarn Plate Snowflake Decoration

This fun and easy craft comes from our friends at Perfect for young children, this decorative yarn craft is great for building motor skills and allowing your kids to help decorate for the holidays! 

3.Yarn Tree Christmas Craft For Kids 

This cool craft comes from This craft will require a trip to the craft store and, for young children, some adult supervision. Using foam cones, holiday colored yarn, and few other items, your kids will be able to create festive table-top decorations that will last for years! These trees make great holiday party decorations as well!

4. Mini Rainbow Matching Knit Scarf Kit for Kids

Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal? This holiday season, teach your them to knit with this kit that allows them to create matching scarves for themselves and their favorite plush friend! When they are done, they will have not only a warm scarf, but warm memories of this holiday season as well. 

5.Yarn Hat Ornament 

These adorable DIY ornaments are found on A great craft for parents and children to do together, all you need to make these ornaments is some soft yarn, scissors, an empty toilet paper tube, and some elastic thread! 

6. Amiguruimi Puppy Crochet Kit

Maybe your little asked for a new stuffed animal this Christmas. Want to do one better? Teach them how to make their own! Our Amigurumi Puppy Crochet Kit contains all that you and your child need to create an adorable stuffed animal puppy! This is also an option if your child has asked for a puppy, but cannot yet handle to responsibility of caring for a live animal.  

7. Yarn Ball Ornaments 

Brought to you by, this is another fun and colorful yarn craft that you can use to decorate your tree and home for years to come! Using balloons, yarn, Mod Podge, Tacky Glue, and and school glue, you and your kids can make colorful bulb ornaments! 

If you tried one or more of the crafts in this list with your kids or students, be sure to let us know how it went!

Happy Holidays! Remember to have fun with your family during this busy season.