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The Best Easy Crochet Bag Patterns And Kits

Written by Kate Curry

Have you been looking for the perfect tote bag, but you just can’t find the bag of your dreams? Why not make your own? It’s super easy to crochet a tote, purse, or market bag. Create a unique, handmade tote bag using any of our free crochet tote patterns or kits. With the kits, you get the pattern and the yarn needed to make your bag, so you’re not left searching for what the best yarn for crochet bags is!

Recommended Supplies for Crochet Bags

Crochet hooks - obviously! I would recommend metal or ergonomic crochet hooks to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re working on your tote bag!

Strong and durable yarn! All of our tote patterns below are made with durable yarn fit for bag making, such as Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, Ombre Chiffon Ribbon Yarn, 3-Ply Hemp Yarn, Premium Handspun Silk Yarn, and more!! I’d also suggest a thicker weight yarn for new beginners.

Notions such as buttons, zippers, clasps, and cotton fabric for lining your bags if you’d like!

Crochet Tote, Market, and Beach Bag Patterns & Kits

Crochet yourself a big old tote bag that you can pack for your trip to the beach or bring along with you as a summer tote for your local farmers market. I love going to the market and seeing all the handmade crochet market bags in all types of colors and textures! We have a few kits and patterns that will show you how to crochet a tote bag, no problem!

Sea Waves Beach Bag

A two-toned blue crochet tote is laid out on a grey wooden deck in the sun.

This easy crochet bag is made with 3 skeins of our Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn and is great to take to your next beach or lake trip!

Sea Waves Beach Bag  Crochet Pattern

Anna Tote Bag

A three-toned blue anna tote bag is resting in the shade on a wooden bench, a few stalks of yellow flowers sticking out of the top of the tote.

Made with our gorgeous DGY Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, our Anna tote bag will be fabulous at the next farmer's market!

Anna Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

Darn Good Tote Bag

A woman with dark hair is holding an ombre orange tote bag resting in the crook of her elbow.

The Darn Good Tote Bag is a super-functional large tote that's perfect for grocery shopping, traveling, or every day wearing. The pattern includes easy, beginner-friendly crochet instructions that include basic skills for crocheters of any skill level. Boost up your bag-making skills with the beautiful, simple Darn Good Tote Bag made from our Ombre Chiffon Ribbon Yarn!

Darn Good Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

Market Tote

A hand holding a multicolored market tote bag in the green forest.

Say, "bonjour," to your next go-to tote! This tote will be the perfect Parisian style accessory for a trip to the market. It's never been easier to make your own stylish and functional bag using materials that are good for the planet. Because this tote is made out of our unique handmade chiffon ribbon, no two are alike!

Market Tote Pattern

Easy Crochet Bag Patterns & Kits

Looking for a smaller bag - no worries! We have a few easy crochet bag patterns and kits that you can use everyday! 

Beach Day Bag

A rusty orange circle bag is resting on the sun bleached deck.

An eco-friendly and unique crochet circle bag made with our 3-Ply Hemp. Perfect for a trip to the beach or a walk through town.

Beach Day Bag Crochet Pattern

Tibetan Jewel Bucket Bag

A fuzzy, multi-colored tote drawstring bag is resting on the banner of a white wooden deck.

This funky chunky bag can be used as a bucket bag or a drawstring bag to hold your next crochet project. It comes with directions to make an optional strap if you would like to use this as a bucket bag. If you’re feeling exceptionally funky, you could even try transferring a leather strap from an old handbag, a different type of yarn, or even any household item that can be upcycled into a tubular shape. Made from our textured Recycled Sari Silk Multicolored Ribbon - Tibet Jewels, your bag will be sure to be an eye-catcher.

Tibetan Jewel Bucket Bag Pattern

Hidden Heart Bag

A woman wearing a white shirt and dark shorts is wearing a multicolored crochet bag over her shoulder as she poeses in front of a white garden gate.

If you’re not comfortable keeping your heart on your sleeve - put it on your bag! Including our unique, eco-friendly and awesome Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn (, this hidden heart bag crochet kit will have you "hooked" & make everyone jelly!

Hidden Heart Bag Crochet Pattern

Upcycled Denim Bag

A two-toned upcycled bag, half made of jean fabric and the other half made of multicolored rainbow worsted weight silk yarn.

Turn your closet's tired materials into new and useful upcycled goods using our  Silk Roving Worsted Weight Yarn! Turn an old pair of jeans and some yarn into a handy shoulder bag with this crochet pattern

Upcycled Denim Bag Crochet Pattern

Easy Crochet Purse Patterns & Kits

Are you looking for an even smaller crochet bag? You’re in luck! We have a few for you to gander at!

Sari Not Sorry Crochet Clutch

 A person wearing white and blue striped pants is holding onto a pinkish-purple clutch.

This DIY clutch will quickly become your favorite go to accessory. Made with our Premium Handspun Silk Yarn, this purse can easily be transitioned from day to evening.

Sari Not Sorry Crochet Clutch Pattern

Sun Burst Clutch

A woman wearing a black hat is facing away from the camera, holding up a handmade clutch made from white, orange, and yellow reclaimed and recycled sari silk ribbon yarn.

This Sun Burst Sari Silk Clutch pattern is an easy crochet project that will give you the perfect clutch for any outing. Made with our recycled Sari Silk Ribbon, this clutch can be made in a variety of accent colors and is a great eco-friendly fashion accessory. Each kit comes with 2 skeins of Sari Silk Ribbon in the Vintage Ivory colorway, 1 Sample Card of Sari Silk Ribbon in your choice of colors, & a PDF digital download of the pattern.

Sun Burst Clutch Crochet Pattern

Shoreline Purse

On a wooden table, a pastel blue clutch made of yarn is surrounded by rope, air plants, and crystals.

This simple and fashionable clutch purse pattern is super simple for beginners and is great for summer festivals, days at the beach and more! The pattern uses our Sport Weight Silk Yarn in Caribbean Current.

Shoreline Purse Knit & Crochet Pattern

Tasseled Sari Silk Clutch

A person wearing a white shirt, a black pair of pants, and black nails is wearing a tasseled purse over their shoulder.

This Sari Silk Clutch pattern is a quick and easy knit project that will give you the perfect purse for any adventure you go on! Made with our recycled Sari Silk Ribbon, this clutch can be made in a variety of colors, and is a great eco-friendly fashion accessory. Store makeup, phones, wallets, passports, concert tickets... the options are endless!

Tasseled Sari Silk Clutch Pattern

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