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The Best Darn Good Yarn Chiffon Ribbon Yarn Projects

Our Favorite Chiffon Ribbon Yarn Projects

Have you ever worked with chiffon ribbon yarn? Most casual textile artists are familiar with yarns made of wool, cotton, and even silk, but ribbon yarn is unique—and uniquely beautiful! Once you try out this versatile yarn, you will be “hooked”.

Made from reclaimed saris and other lightweight items, the yarn is wispy, soft, lightweight, recycled, and ready to be put to use in all kinds of different projects. If you’re in the market for a yarn that will deliver projects in no time flat, this is just the thing: using large needles, you can whip up a scarf using just one hank of our chiffon ribbon yarn! 

You might be asking yourself, “What is chiffon, anyway?” The answer is simple! Chiffon is a blend of silk and polyester. It is best for knitting, crochet, jewelry, and other mixed-media projects. Ours comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. If you’ve never tried chiffon ribbon yarn, why not start? Perhaps a few of our fave projects will give you the inspiration you need to jump into the world of chiffon ribbon.

Arm Knit Chiffon Cowl Pattern and Kit

Woman wearing the Arm Knit Chiffon Cowl and sweater standing in front of greenery

We’ve all made scarves using knitting needles and/or crochet hooks, but what about arm knitting? This craze has been appearing on Pinterest boards for a while now, not only for its ease and speed, but because the scarves you can produce through arm-knitting are totally cute! As we approach the chilly months, you won’t want to be without a chunky, funky, and fun cowl to throw on over a sweater or long-sleeved t-shirt. This pattern only takes three skeins of yarn, which are included in the kit alongside a pattern and project tutorial.

If you are looking for simple starter projects to do with a group of non-crafty friends, a Scout troop, bachelorette party, small group, or another gathering of people, this project is a smart choice. Crafters don’t need needles or a knitting history. It’s easy to jump right in, learn a new skill, and finish up this scarf while chatting with friends.

Market Tote Kit

Market Tote sitting next to 4 skeins of chiffon multicolored yarn and a silver crochet hook all on a white surface

One of the best things about our reclaimed chiffon ribbon is the variety of colors, patterns, and even textures it can contain. No two skeins look exactly the same. With the structured market tote, these qualities are put on display for fun and fashion. This also serves as an extremely useful project, as the finished tote can be used to hold yarn, needles, and other supplies for all of your knit and crochet adventures. This tote also makes a great carrier for lunch or farmer’s market finds, as well as a stunning gift. Requiring only three to four skeins of chiffon ribbon yarn, this is one basket that you can make over and over again. You might have to. People have been known to request this basket as a gift once they know you can make it!

For a market tote made of 100% silk, reach for our Silk Chiffon Ribbon Yarn. Instead of a blend, this yarn is made entirely of wispy, pretty silk and comes in several rich colors.

Easy Peasy Chain Scarf Kit

Close up of woman wearing Easy Peasy Chain Scarf and a black t shirt

Sometimes a scarf looks like, well, a scarf. Other times, a scarf can look like jewelry. That’s the case with our Easy Peasy Chain Scarf Kit. This layered look mimics the appearance of layered necklaces while still having that cute-and-cozy factor, as well as the opportunity for vibrant color. The name gives away the other Best Thing about this scarf…it is easy peasy! Even in a pinch, you’ll be able to work up a few to give as gifts, or even one to match several different outfits in your wardrobe.
Made with just one skein of Silk Chiffon Ribbon Yarn, the chain scarf is an extremely customizable and versatile accessory. We recommend styling it as you would a statement necklace, perhaps over an all-black dress or as a topper for a neutral-toned outfit.

Mommy + Me Pack Crochet Kit

Back view of a woman and baby wearing matching pink crochet bags and standing on grass next to a pile of wooden logs

Red Alert: Adorableness Ahead! Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower gift or knitting up a storm while getting ready for your own little bundle of joy to arrive, you must check out this too-cute-to-handle set of bags. The kit includes everything you need to make a Mommy-size and Me-size bag, including enough leather strips and rivets to help you switch it up from backpack to cross body purse, depending on your preference. Of course, toddlers will probably be most comfortable when carrying the backpack style.
For this project, we are in love with Darn Good Yarn’s Ombre Chiffon Ribbon, which gives your bags the perfect ombre look, no matter the color you choose to work with. Though a backpack might sound challenging, this is actually a beginner-level chiffon crochet project. You can jump right in!

Chiffon Summer Layering Top Kit

Woman wearing a red Chiffon Summer Layering Top and a chunky necklace standing in front of a white wall

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still room for this layering top on your project list, especially if it is as endless and varied as our own lists of to-be-completed projects. If scarves and socks have become boring, pick up this kit for a fresh take on the layering top. Fashionable, bohemian-inspired, and creatively colorful, this top can be worn over a swimsuit on your next beach vacation. Take it off the sand and into everyday life by layering over a tank top or even a tank dress. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings, and you’ll be good to go! In the winter, just add a neutral sweater and knit scarf.

When you get compliments on this layering top, be sure to let people know about the reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn you used to make it! That’s what gives the top its flair. 

Summer Nights Chiffon Crochet Shawl Kit

Woman wearing a red Summer Nights DGY Chiffon Crochet Shawl and white tee shirt and standing in front of a beige wall

As autumn weather rolls in, you won’t want to be without a cozy shawl for wrapping up on those chilly nights and cool mornings. Sitting by the fire, walking the dog, or just lazing around the house all become much comfier when accompanied by this crochet shawl made with chiffon ribbon yarn. Not only does it wrap you up in a crochet hug, but the shawl can be dressed up for nights out! Wear it over a simple dress or blouse to take your outfit to the next level—and keep you warm inside cold restaurants and theaters.

The step-by-step pattern will help you learn how to triple crochet, so don’t worry, this isn’t an advanced project, even if the end product looks intricate. The combination of the easy-to-follow pattern and chiffon ribbon yarn make this project a breeze. Enjoy!