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The Best Baby-Shower Gifts

Written by Kate Curry

I feel like everywhere I look in my life, there’s a pregnant person- they’re popping up out of nowhere! All I can think about is which gift would be perfect, what would be meaningful, or helpful, or at least not hated! If anyone else is having this same issue- I’m here to help! 

Folklore Handmade Slippers 

A pair of feet wearing the teal slippers from Darn Good yarn are hanging off of a stool in an outside garden.

Darn Good Yarn partnered with GK Collective to customize super comfy slippers! You can get a pair for the baby and for the expecting parents! 

Pixie Bonnet Crochet Kit

A blonde haired baby wearing white and blue clothes is facing right. They're wearing a blue-purple crochet pixie bonnet as they sit on a set of stone stairs.

This is a must-have for any little one's hat collection. Pattern includes sizes for newborn, infant, baby, toddler, and child.

One-of-a-Kind Sari Silk Purses

A sari silk patchwork purse is sitting on an outdoor wooden picnic table. The bag is patchwork green, red, yellow - and more!

This is the PERFECT baby bag! Each one of these Sari Silk Purses is a little different and handcrafted with love by the women in our co-ops in Nepal. The strap is adjustable and has a zipper closure 

Mommy + Me Pack Crochet Kit

A woman with long brown hair and a young child with blonde hair are facing away from the camera. They're out in the woods and the adult it pointing at something out of the sight of the image. The pair are wearing matching outfits: brown boots, blue jeans, light pink shirts, and matching ombre pink backpacks.

These Mommy + Me Packs will help keep the expecting parent and their little one organized on their day-to-day adventures! With tote bag and backpack options available, you can not only choose your favorite style, but also your favorite color of our Chiffon Ribbon. (We suggest making your little one a backpack - let's face it, most of them won't keep a purse on!)

Handcrafted Limited Edition Felt Ball Rug

A white and rainbow dotted felt ball rug is laid out in a babies room. To the right of the screen is a rocking sheep and to the left is a bookshelf filled with books and toys.

These colorful rugs are great to toss down in a nursery or living room for a play rug! 

Basketweave Baby Blanket

A periwinkle blanket made out of the basketweave stitch.

Nothing’s more classic than a handmade baby blanket. Check out this perfect tutorial to help you get started! 

KNIT: Free Basketweave Baby Blanket Tutoral

Amigurumis For Baby 

Two kids are sitting on a cozy oriental rug, playing with a few different handmade amigurumi stuffed animals like frogs, foxes, and cacti.

It’s never too early to start collecting stuffed animals for the baby! Make your best baby friend some stuffies before they even arrive! 

Don't Forget The Gift Wrapping!

3 gifts wrapped in assorted furoshiki cloth on a wooden bench.

Before you go, you’re going to need gift wrap! Why not get yourself some reusable gift wrap

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Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.