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The 2022 Stocking Stuffers Guide For Fashion Lovers

Written by Kate Curry

Are you on the hunt for some stunning clothing and accessories to fill your favorite fashion lover’s stocking this year? Don’t you worry, we have a few handmade, sustainable, and gorgeous options that all fashion lovers will go absolutely crazy for!

Note: For any of our one of a kind products, don’t forget to tell us your color preferences at checkout so our amazing warehouse team can pick the best scarf to match your preferences! If you don’t leave any notes, we will send you a selection of gorgeous mystery colors and patterns!

  • Reclaimed Sari Medley Scarf
  • A woman is bundled up against the cold, wearing dark winter clothes and a colorful reclaimed sari scarf.

    This was one of the hottest gifts for the holiday season last year and we have more comin’ in! These gorgeous handmade scarves are one of a kind handmade with 7 strips of bright, recycled sari material.

  • The Kameela Knot Headband
  • A girl with long brown hair is wearing a maroon kameela knot headband as she sits at her desk.

    Made out of reclaimed and recycled sari materials, just like our skirts, these headbands add a little pop of color to every outfit and are ultra comfortable. Great for a spa night in or for a polished and professional worker!

  • The Everyday Leggings
  • A woman is standing on a snowy street, wearing a pair of black leggings and a colorful blue, red, and golden scarf

    Tired of expensive leggings that pull and tear at the seams? Our everyday leggings are made for everyday wear and are so soft that you’ll forget you even have them on! Great for layering, exercising, and more!

  • Sari Silk Purse
  • A patchwork, colorful handmade sari purse is siting on the ground beside a green carton of fresh blueberries.

    Handmade in Nepal by our incredible group of artisans, these one of a kind bags are the perfect size! They are made with reclaimed pieces of sari material, and well-lined to make them sturdy enough for your commute, to hold school books, or even baby supplies.

  • Aanya Adjustable Short Kaftan
  • A tanned girl with short brown hair is wearing a pair of black leggings and a grey, white, blue, and green short kaftan as she poses outside in the snow.

    One of our hottest and newest clothing pieces, our one of a kind Aanya adjustable short kaftans are made of the same silky soft reclaimed material as our sari wrap skirts. This stunning and flowy short kaftan tunic can be an easy, one-step outfit or the foundation for a cozy layered look. Easy to fold up in an overnight bag or a stocking!

  • Upcycled Sari Scrunchies
  • Handmade recycled silk scrunchies are placed in rainbow color formation in a circular wreath pattern.

    The scrunchies are BACK! These ultra-popular scrunchies are made of 100% recycled sari material and have a reliable elastic interior, these high quality scrunchies are stylish, comfortable, and sustainable! We’ve been out of stock for a few months, so grab them now before they’re gone again!

  • Gift Cards
  • Against a gray marble background are two Darn good Yarn e-gift cards, one a minty green and the other a soft pastel periwinkle.

    Are you stuck on what to get? There’s no shame and no need to stress out! You can never go wrong with a gift card that your giftee can use to pick their very own gift!

    On a white background, a box is wrapped in a red and gold floral furoshiki gift wrapping.

    Make it super eco friendly with eco-friendly gift wrapping-- don’t hurt the earth when you spread joy!!

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