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Team DGY's New Year's Resolutions for 2019

As 2019 rapidly approaches, we know that many of you are thinking up resolutions and things that you'd like to do differently in the New Year. Here at Darn Good Yarn, we've made some resolutions of our own. We want to share them with you in hope that they will provide you with some inspiration and motivation to stick to your own 2019 goals!

Here are our 3 favorite achievable and smart New Year's resolutions for overall life improvement in 2019! 


1. Make Physical Health an Important Part of Your Day

Each day during 2019, take at least 30 minutes to do something for your physical health. Take a walk, go for a run, do yoga, lift weights- just get moving! If you enjoy sports, play tennis or basketball with a friend. If you enjoy the water, go for a swim in your local pool or lake.

Maybe you want to try to lose weight in 2019, or maybe you're simply suffering from the disadvantages of physical inactivity. Whether or not you're interested in weight loss, you will benefit from regular, daily exercise! If you make physical activity a mandatory part of your schedule , you will be more likely to stick with it and to make exercise a true daily habit! Goal setting is also helpful in staying committed. Reach for a few more miles to run, a few more pounds to lift, or a few more stretches each week! 

Pro tip: Bring sneakers and workout gear while traveling so you can stay on track! 

If you're a knitter and you want to try something a little more challenging you can take a tip from David Babcock and run while knitting at the same time. But please, if you try this, please be careful and watch where you're going! 


2. New Year, New "Ewe" - Try Art Therapy

Hand holding the Yarn Of The Month Box open with knitting needles and a ball of yarn

When talking about health tips for the new year, we cannot stop at physical health. Your mental and emotional health needs care and attention too! You may have gotten a chance to read our recent post about art therapy. If you did, you know that knitting and crocheting have amazing mental and physical benefits. Art therapy can improve your mood, focus, and stress levels. A lot of self improvement can be gained through just taking a little time for yourself to relax and work on something you enjoy. Every week in 2019, why not set aside some time for working on creative projects? Not only will you enjoy having new hats, paintings, or carvings that you created yourself - you will also enjoy the benefits that come along with practicing a creative hobby! 

If knitting or crocheting is your creative activity of choice, reduce stress even more by skipping the trip to the store to buy yarn and patterns. When you join our Darn Good Yarn of the Month Club, a box containing a skein of yarn and a pattern will arrive at your door every month! You will have all you need to spend much needed me-time creating new things. 


3. Be Present - Limit Screen Time


One of the biggest complaints from romantic partners and family members in 2018 about the people they share homes with was that they spent too much time on their phones or computers, and not enough time interacting with those around them.  Let's put down our screens and make 2019 a better year full of real human socialization and conversation! It's especially important to remember to put your devices away (& silence them!) during family dinners, when you are out with your spouse or friends, when there is company over, or, really, any time that anyone is trying to speak to you. 

Author and Chess Master Adam Robinson once said "If you expect magic in every encounter, you find it." In other words, we should be paying attention when we interact with other people! Otherwise, we are at risk of missing some of the best moments of our lives. Remember to value people over spending time on your phone!

Pro tip: If you have an Apple device, check out the new device usage report called "Screen Time" that helps you get an idea of how much time you're spending on your phone with a week by week comparison. 

 Are you ready to stick to your resolutions in the new year? If you're #1 resolution wasn't on the list, tell us what it is! The more people who know the more inclined you'll be to stick with it, right? 

Happy New Year from all of us at Darn Good Yarn! No matter what tries to get in between you and your goals in 2019, don't give up!