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Take It, Ladies...

August 08, 2017 1 min read

Take it from day to night with these amazing wrap skirts turned dresses. These are perfect for every body shape. The perfect go-to when you're packing for a trip so you can keep it light. These are even perfect for the little ones and can be worn year around. <3 

3 images of a woman wearing a sari wrap skirt in blue and orange, styled three different ways, standing on a beach, with text that reads 'Beachin <3 Dancin'

3 images of women wearing sari wrap skirts styled 3 different ways, with text that reads 'Skirts for every body and every season too'

3 images of women and young girls wearing sari wrap skirts on the beach and in a clean white studio

Two images of a mom and girl wearing sari wrap skirts sitting on the beach, and a little girl sitting on a wooden crate in a photo studio'

Two images of 6 women standing together on a beach wearing sari wrap skirts