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How to Meld Super Bowl LI and Crafts


Okay, so I love to have fun with writing blog posts for Darn Good Yarn. I think I've really scored with this idea and its super simple! Embrace football and other things that give you time to craft!

Little girl wearing a black sweater and a green knit beanie

Like me, perhaps you have been following American football for many decades? Like many New Englanders, the Patriots are my team. But I also need to make a confession. I am not really engaged with a lot of what this game is about; I know my team and will engage in conversation with my husband, but over the years I have become surreptitiously engaged in winter crafting!

Show Me The Numbers

My husband knows players stats like we had them over for a "bar-b" last week! He remembers plays from years ago and last week as well (though has no clue where he left his car keys)!  From August through February, our social life is dictated around game schedules (including all other months for trades, deals, and NFL data)!  So what's the super bowl to me?

Wooden yarn bowl holding a multicolored ball of sparkly yarn sitting on a sandy beach in front of the water

Yep! I love my wooden yarn bowl and use it religiously. I chuckle quietly through the Fall as we head toward football playoffs. Just like those teams, I have a strategy and stealthy plan for my season of projects. I learn new techniques (like the players) and thrive on challenging new moves! My play book is my patterns, my equipment is my unique fibers.

Red ball of banana fiber yarn on a white background

Yes, I craft year round but I also know that I want to spend time with my husband as we both work hard and value our time together. Between my never ending quest to understand why people want to pummel each other  to get a pigskin and my desire for time to craft, this is a coin toss where all win! He queries me about my knit or crochet project and we all our happy!

Time Out

So, yes! For those of you who never have enough time to craft, I recommend football, a sport that is on several days and can literally take up your Sunday. With my minor attraction to the game and my major attraction to my crafts, this has been a great score for family time!

Designated family time is tricky in our busy lives! In our home, we love our football time together. Conversation varies from  a call on the field that I don't understand to what my "next" project will be. Yes, Super Bowl has a whole different meaning for me but we love our time together. And sometimes, I even know the score!

Wooden yarn bowl holding a multicolored ball of yarn and sitting on a surface

Super Bowl LI is Sunday, February 5th this year and here are a few other details about the game.  Good friends and family, good food, and good craft projects will make for a great finish to another strong season of crafting!!! Darn Good, you might say with a super bowl finish!