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Strengthening your upper back

Time for another installment of tips to keep you healthy while you craft! Be sure to give Ellen at IsoBreathing Inc.

Strengthening your upper back

This month’s article is a combination of strengthening your upper back along with a shoulder rotation to help improve your posture. When improving your posture your upper and mid back will not tighten as much when knitting for elongated periods of time.

Upper Back Strengthener

  1. Sit tall with both feet flat on the floor
  2. Extend both arms forward shoulder height. (Your palms will face each other) Inhale.
  3. Pull arms back bending your elbows and keeping your arms tucked close to your body. At the same time your arms are in the back position squeeze your shoulder blades together tightly and exhale.
  4. Hold this contraction for 1 IsoBreathing breath.
  5. Repeat movement 10 times

Shoulder Rotation

  1. Stand tall with both feet hip distance apart.
  2. Both hands down at your sides.
  3. Rotate both arms so your palms are facing in front of you. Continue turning your palms outward and to the side, away from your body, with your thumbs pointing behind you. Your arms are slightly away from your body.
  4. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  5. Hold for 1 IsoBreathing breath
  6. Repeat movement 10 times

By performing these two exercises 2-3 times a day you will improve your posture within 2 weeks. Need Proof? Have someone measure you along your back from armpit to armpit while you stand naturally. Wait 2 weeks and re-measure again. You will see a difference. The average improvement is between ½ inch to 2 inches. (the numbers on the measuring tape will lessen.)