Skirt of the Month 2024: Wanderlust

Skirt of the Month 2024: Wanderlust

Skirt of the Month 2024: Wanderlust

This year, along with Yarn of the Month's Wanderlust theme, we're diving into the spirit of adventure for your wardrobe. Each month, you'll unwrap a carefully chosen Sari Wrap Skirt inspired by a different place around the globe. Anticipate a delightful mix of colors and patterns that transport you to far-off lands without having to leave your home!

New Destinations, Every Month

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the world through Recycled Sari Wrap Skirts. From the moody blues of London to the vibrant landscapes of Canada, each month will bring a new destination, unveiling a curated palette of colors and prints that capture the essence of that location. To top it off, you'll also receive a monthly freebie complementing the theme!

Style your Recycled Sari Silk Skirts with Ease

Darn Good Yarn Recycled Sari Silk Wrap Skirt

We understand that the world of fashion can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when it comes to styling unique pieces like our Recycled Sari Silk Wrap Skirts. Fret not! When you join our Skirt of the Month Club, you not only receive these stunning skirts but also enjoy a complimentary monthly style guide. Tailored specifically to each month's location, this guide will spark your imagination and open up endless possibilities for your wardrobe. Whether you're envisioning a charming afternoon tea or a glamorous night out in Tokyo, we've got you covered.

Exclusive Prices for Sustainable Style Enthusiasts

Darn Good Yarn Sari Wrap Skirt modeled by Amy Karr

While you may already be a member of our Sari Wrap Skirt Facebook Group, when you join Skirt of the Month, you'll get exclusive skirt pricing ($52) for Captain Sam's hand-picked skirt collections. And because we believe in the joy of having options, you can add an extra monthly skirt to your collection for just $26. That's double the style, double the fun!

Early Access to Sales

Picture this: You're the first in line for our exclusive sales and promotions. As a Skirt of the Month Club member, you get early access to sales, ensuring you never miss out on the chance to elevate your wardrobe at irresistible prices.

Even MORE Perks!

Darn Good Yarn Recycled Sari Silk Wrap Skirt

But wait, there's more! Enjoy a 5% discount on all your online purchases, because we believe in rewarding our loyal Skirt of the Month members! Plus, say goodbye to shipping woes with our flat-rate shipping on all orders. No surprises—just more skirts and more savings!

 So, are you ready to let your wardrobe embark on a journey of wanderlust? Subscribe to the Skirt of the Month Club 2024 and get ready to unwrap a world of style, one skirt at a time. Join us as we redefine sustainable fashion, one destination-inspired skirt at a time.