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Schenectady's Stockade, a History: an Inside Look at Darn Good Yarn's Home

Hey there! 

So over here at Darn Good Yarn we know that most of you lovely people are from distances far away from us, and we know that you would have a hard time coming by to see us in person. With that comes a series of blog posts: "An Inside Look" to give you a sense of where we are in our little New York corner, and what its like in our retail shop day by day, so you can come visit us even if you're one of our customers from across the ocean (we love you!)

So starting that off is a look at our surroundings: the beautiful and historic Schenectady Stockade, which you might have seen tagged on our instagram! 

We're down North College Street, which is just a quick swing off of Erie Blvd. 

The Stockade is a part of Schenectady that was actually New York's first local historic district--there are beautiful homes and storefronts all around, a combination of Dutch, English and Scottish settlements. There's seriously a big history here--there were fires that destroyed two hundred buildings in 1819, and rebuilding coincided with the completion of the Erie Canal. Even earlier than that, Schenectady, back then largely the Stockade, was the target of the Schenectady Massacre during the French and Indian wars.


But we've always rebuilt around here, and today the Stockade is more beautiful than ever! A history of rebirth, and opportunity suits us perfectly, and we're happy to be a new part of that history.

Our corner of the Stockade is relatively new, you can swing right up into our parking lot, and we'll welcome you right in.


Stay tuned for your first peek inside, I'll be back soon ;)

xxo Kerry