SAORI Peace Weave 2012 - Darn Good Yarn

SAORI Peace Weave 2012

SAORI Peace Weave 2012

I'm Terri from SAORI Salt Spring ( an island off the West Coast of Vancouver, BC, Canada. After weaving traditionally for over 20 years, I discovered a philosophy of weaving that has completely changed my approach and enjoyment of weaving. SAORI weaving originated in Japan over 40 years ago and the philosophy was developed by a woman who is now 99 years old and still weaves everyday – so inspiring!

I am part of the SAORI Global Network of studios ( and my passion is sharing SAORI Weaving. Fun, freestyle, no rules and no mistakes! This means lots of colours, textures, fibres and more – endless possibilities. This is how I found out about Darn Good Yarn – such great choices of fibres and textures to play with.

The most recent weaving that I completed, “Threads of Hope & Healing”, is bound for Hiroshima, Japan to be exhibited for “SAORI Peace Weave 2012”. Each year since 2007, the studio in Hiroshima has invited SAORI Weavers to send in banners woven for peace.

I love weaving with a purpose. Most of the banners that I have sent have been collaborative weavings – bringing people together to weave their colours, threads, stories, hopes, dreams, prayers and wishes for peace.

The teach:

In this weaving I made extensive use of an inlay technique to add colour and texture. Every row of the weaving has alpaca in it as the background. I then took a length of Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon and laid it into the weaving along with the alpaca yarn, but just for a portion of the row. Then I brought the ribbon out to the front of the weaving and wove one or more rows of alpaca. The silk ribbon is brought back into the weaving – again for a portion (or for the whole) row. You can see the loops where it turns from one direction to the other

In this way you can create and design patterns, draw pictures, etc. The background yarn holds everything together and the ribbon just wanders in and out however you choose. This accent or inlay could be any fibre or texture – one that blends, one that stands out, whatever you can imagine! SAORI has no rules, so you can make it up as you go along.

Some things about me:

- I started blogging in 2006 – 6 years already!

- I lived in Alberta and was a partner in a computer consulting company and left it all in 2005 to move to Salt Spring Island, BC now living on an acreage in the woods and loving it!

- One of my favourite book is The Mists of Avalon.

- I can 'name that tune' in 3 notes – I always have songs running through my head.

- I take my SAORI portable loom out to festivals, events and coffee shops to let people try some weaving and have had over 1500 people weave for peace, for the community, for the environment. Most of the people had never woven before.

- I am experimenting with dyeing using natural, local plant materials.

- We went to Patagonia to see Orcas and then early this year saw them right in our harbour on Salt Spring Island.

- In my twenties, I was on TV's TSN Pins game twice for 10-pin bowling.

- I am doing website development for artists and local businesses on the island -

- In 2010, I taught a SAORI weaving class in New Zealand.

My blog is I will write more details about this Peace Banner in the days to come – watch for it on my blog.

I offer weaving classes, workshops and retreats on the island with a B&B option at Honeysuckle Cottage B&B Retreat – – right on our property. You can wander over to the studio in the woods and enjoy the freedom of expression that SAORI offers with an extensive array of colours and fibres to choose from.

My website has new products, news, information and many links to other SAORI studios – there may be one in your area!