Recycled Fabric is Even Greener than You Think! - Darn Good Yarn

Recycled Fabric is Even Greener than You Think!

You may know that Darn Good Yarn recycles many different kinds of fabric left over from the manufacturing process. Sari silk, silk remnants, cotton - we've saved over 25,000 pounds of fabric from landfills since Darn Good Yarn's creation! Not only that, but recycling fabric helps save the earth even more than you think! Check out this info-graphic from USAgain, a textile-recycling business.

Remember to be green by donating or re-using your own old clothes and fabrics! There are so many great crafts you can use them for, and so many people who will appreciate your used clothing! And your support of Darn Good Yarn helps us continue to recycle as well!

Be Green and Happy Crafting!

Marissa :)