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Top 5 Reasons to Follow Life And Yarn

Today, we would like to introduce to you to Brianna Iaropoli, a crochet master known on Instagram as @Life.And.Yarn. On her channel, you will find marvelous examples of her work and the patterns she has designed.

In addition to her Instagram channel, Brianna regularly updates her crocheting blog entitled Life And Yarn: Modern and Chic Crochet DesignsHer website features a number of free crochet patterns, and her Etsy shop, LifeAndYarnDesigns includes a collection of patterns for sale. Brianna can also be found on Raverly and Pinterest. 

You may recognize Brianna as the designer of our Adina Scarf Crochet Pattern and her other collaborations with Darn Good Yarn. However, if you have never taken a look at her website, and don't follow her on Instagram, it's time to start (especially if you're a crocheter)!

Skein of yarn, knit project, and wool knitted socks on a white background


Here are our Top 5 Reason to Follow Life And Yarn!

1. Brianna's Free Crochet Patterns 

Brianna is a professional crochet designer and has created some of the best crochet patterns that we have seen on the web! There is a full page of free patterns on her website, many of which are also featured on her Instagram page. Crocheters of all different skill levels can benefit from her collection of original free patterns! 


Woman wearing gray scarf standing in front of a white wall


2. Creative Inspiration 

If you're a fiber artist, you know that there can be moments when the art of knitting or crocheting seems time consuming and tedious. To keep you going, it always helps to have some reliable creative inspiration! This is definitely something you will get when you follow @Life.And.Yarn on Instagram. The items that she designs and makes, her use of color, and the stitches and patterns that appear in her work are certain to give you the motivation you need to keep going forward with your current crochet project, or to begin a new one!  


Gray crochet project with wooden yarn bowl on a white background


3. Visual Crochet Demonstrations 

In addition to her pictures of finished products and works in progress, Brianna posts several short video clips of her crocheting process. These clips allow her followers to watch as she performs various kinds of stitches in her projects. This can be a big help for those seeking to understand how different types of stitches are meant to be done. It will even help you learn new crochet techniques! 


Gray and white crochet project with hook and wooden yarn bowl on a white background


4. Expert Photography

There is no way to continue talking about Brianna's Instagram channel or website without acknowledging that the photography featured in both places is beautiful! If you love stunning and colorful photos of yarn and crocheted fashion items, you will want pictures from @Life.And.Yarn on your feed every day! 


Woman wearing a beige knitted cardigan in front of a wooden wall


5. Real Life Content You Can Relate To

Brianna is a maker, a mother, a wife, and a lover of chocolate and coffee. Her work supports sustainable creativity and the fiber art community. If you like to follow moms who make, crafters who have made their hobby a side business, or creatives who aim to help other creatives, follow Brianna! 

You may have some of these things in common with Brianna, and perhaps some other things as well! If you frequent social media, like most of us here at Darn Good Yarn, you know that it's fun not only to follow those who inspire you, but those that you can relate to as well! When you follow @Life.And.Yarn, many of you will discover that her channel is equal parts inspirational, and relatable. 


Back view of woman and child walking down a paved road


We hope that we have convinced you to add @life.and.yarn to your "following" list on Instagram, and to check out her site! If you've found inspiration in Brianna's work, or if you have tried one of her patterns, tell us about it in the comments below! 


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