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Picking the Perfect Crochet Yarn

basket of yarn with yarn skein

Crochet Yarn Matters

Yarn does matter and for those of us who are passionate about fiber, there are many things to consider when purchasing our yarn. If you are a beginner, its equally as important to take into consideration a few things when picking the perfect crochet yarn. Choosing yarn is far more than just clicking online. The process of choosing is a large part of the whole joy of creating. 

Many of us are yarn obsessed and might start one project just to be drawn to another because of the fiber. Hey, what can we say?  Yarn is something that we fall in love with over and over again. Stashes are started and grow based on our love affair with yarn and if we have to be crazed about something, yarn is a great obsession to have. Sometimes we buy our yarn because we just can't live without it! But please read on to learn more about yarns that make sense for crocheting.

Crochet Yarn Q and A

1. What's your project? Are you practicing or are you choosing a really involved crochet pattern? Or perhaps somewhere in between the simple and elaborate? Grabbing any yarn won't do. Depending on your pattern suggestions for yarn and hook, you will really want to consider staying with the suggested yarn type to have your project come out to gauge (meaning the right size!).

turquoise skein of yarn

multicolored yarn skein

2. Are you wanting a warm fiber like wool or are you making a sweet summer shawl and need something light and delicate like lace yarn? Along with the idea of gauge is also the thickness of the yarn. A thinner ply yarn will give you a more delicate look while a thick fiber gives you a chunkier look, added warmth, and works up quickly. If you are working on a poncho with a large crochet hook, you are likely to want a worsted or bulky fiber ( no we are not talking Wheaties here!). Looking for some texture fun? Our thick and thin wool is fantastically fun!

pink chiffon yarn over a white background

3. Who is this crochet piece for? Whether for yourself, a dear friend, or a donation to the local homeless shelter, you need to think about how the crochet yarn will work for that person. If they live in a warmer clime or just run a bit hot, you probably don't need a thick and heavy wool, but on the other end of things if they live in a warm place a cool sari silk ribbon would feel nice against the skin. And this gorgeous color on the left is Crimson Sunrise!  Cotton is another wonderful warm weather crochet yarn.

Color My World

multicolored chiffon yarn skein

4. And while we're matching yarn to the person, how about color? Would earth and natural tones fit with that tree hugging friend or is she more exotic in spirit and might enjoy some vibrant color with crochet yarn like Tibet Jewels shown above? And then, there are the pastels that have faded hues that are not bold but whisper to us of sweetness in the air and subtle hints of color. Yarns can just be fun and our felt ball yarn just says get out that crochet needle and come play!

close up of turquoise yarn

Color is part of my fiber intoxication so I take this seriously and often bring home more yarn than I need (can you relate?) because I just can't choose one! Sometimes I think about colorways before I pick the crochet yarn so that I know I want all blues or that I need a really bold yarn like this recycled  Punky Chunky that just rocks color and texture. This helps me to have an idea going in to the crochet project because choosing becomes far more difficult once I see the options.

Helping Mother Earth

5. So did you notice that the Punky Chunk is recycled yarn? Did you know that there are recycled yarns that not only provide work for women globally, but they keep fiber waste out of landfills? Recycled fibers are yarns that you can feel good about because this amazing yarn has been given a new life! How cool is that, that in your hands this recycled yarn gets another chance to be beautiful again! This is something we REALLY care about at DGY.

Listen Up

basket full of yarn skeinsmultiple yarn skeins

6. What is the yarn saying? Whether shopping  DGY's online yarn store or at our yarn shop, let the yarn speak to you. And make sure you listen! Sometimes we have a very set idea of what we want in crochet yarn and when we go to the store or wander online, we don't see the right yarn. I try to be open to the fact that there are so many amazing yarn options, that what I think I want is quite different from what I actually find myself drawn to.

Is it such a bad thing if I find the yarn I am looking for but I also see another really unusual yarn, a yarn that I want sooooo badly and that I have no idea what I would use it for? I am careful and creative with my budget but we all deserve to find our joy. For me, if I see an amazing yarn and have no idea what I would do with it, I give my self that happiness because there is always another crochet pattern out there just waiting to converse with the fiber I "have to have"!

woman smiling and laying on top of yarn

Here at DGY we love helping people find their favorite yarns, new yarns, and just the perfect crochet yarn for all kinds of projects. We love helping beginners or experts find the yarn that makes you passionate about your hobby. We actually get excited with knowing the right fiber is in the right hands. Choosing the right yarn does matter because if it makes you smile, it makes us smile, too! What can we do to help you to find that beautiful crochet yarn?