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Perfect Knitting Shawl Patterns & Kits!

Written by Kate Curry

Perfect Knitting Shawl Patterns

Who doesn’t love a knitted shawl or a knitted wrap? Knitting a shawl is typically a knitters first big project and you can often find clubs that focus solely on creating knitted shawls. If you’ve never made one before, it can look daunting! Some intricate knitted shawl patterns can take weeks, or even months to finish depending on the intricacy of the stitches used. If you’re on the prowl for some free knitting patterns for shawls, don’t worry, I have you covered! Check the bottom of this page to get your very special coupon codes 

Easy & Beginner Shawl Patterns & Kits

Serendipity Lace Weight Silk Shawl

A woman with braided blond hair is wearing a grey handmade shawl over her white long sleeved top outside.

This lace weight silk shawl is the perfect project and wardrobe addition for the cool late summer and early fall nights. 

Coastal Winds Shawl

A person wearing brightly colored floral pants are sitting on the ground, knitting an ombre green shawl.

An awesome starting point for knitting for beginners. This shawl knitting pattern is fun, easy and made from our exquisite herbal dyed recycled silk yarn.

Openwork Lattice Lace Weight Shawl

A white mannequin wearing a large lacy shawl made of pink, blue, and tan lace weight silk yarn.

The beautiful Openwork Lattice shawl pattern features a light and airy stitch design to be the perfect shawl for any season. This pattern showcases our soft and silk lace weight silk yarn which is the perfect yarn for soft and airy shawls and other garments! The pattern is perfect for your everyday knitter!

The Carnival Shawl

An orange and white shawl is hanging off a wooden hangar, in front of an evergreen tree.

The Carnival Shawl is a unique, asymmetrical shawl made of gorgeous eyelets and drop stitches. This knitting pattern is easy and beginner-friendly for knitters of any skill level, using basic stitches that create an amazing patter. Learn to create a beautiful shawl that will add an eye-catching element to any outfit.

Calico Scallop Shawl

A woman with brown hair and jeans is facing away from the camera, wearing a light blue knit shawl.

This beginner shawl is gorgeously delicate and lacy! Perfect for fresh knitters who need a little lace in their lives! 

French Hen Shawl

A woman with long black hair in a bun is facing away from the camera, wearing a bright blue knitted shawl over her shoulders.

If you’re looking for a classic women’s knit shawl pattern, this French Hen Shawl Knitting Pattern is the perfect choice! This pattern focuses on basic stitches - so it’s before for beginner knitters, or anyone looking to brush up on their skills. 

Intermediate Shawl Patterns & Kits

Lace Weight Silk Shawl

A blonde girl wearing lace weight silk shawl in black with potted greenery in the background

Imagine draping this lightweight beauty over your shoulders this year! The elegant design is accented by simple lace designs (trust me, it's easier than it looks). Get this lace shawl on your needles today!

Enchantress Shawl

A woman wearing a bright blue shawl over a blue and white polka dotted blouse

Featuring Darn Good Yarn's silk lace yarn, this fun shawl pattern is great for intermediate knitters.

Herbal Sunrise Shawl

A woman with long purple hair is facing away from the camera, spreading out her tan, green, and blue knitted shawl.

Capture the beauty of the sunrise with this intricately designed Herbal Sunrise Shawl. Made from our DK Weight Herbal Dyed Silk, this shawl is the perfect sustainable product.

Hibiscus Shawl

A woman is in the woods, facing away from the camera, spreading her arms out to show off her ombre green knitted shawl made from DK weight silk yarn.

This beautiful knitted shawl pattern will make all your friends envious. Intended to knit up flawlessly with our DK Weight Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn.

Ripple in the Sand Shawl

A girl is standing outside, wearing bright orange pants, a white tank top, a white floppy hat, and an ombre green shawl.

Knit in a beautiful blend of ombre herbal dyed yarn, this shawl gives the illusion of ripples in the sand.

Ombre Stitch Sampler Shawl

A woman with long dark hair is turned away from the camera, but is twisting her shoulders and head around to smile at the camera. She's wearing jeans, a yellow shirt, and an ombre purple triangular shawl.

Let this luxurious sport weight silk shawl wrap you in comfort. A joy on and off the needles, this pattern uses simple stitch patterns to create a wonderful work of art.

Joyous Mermaid Shawl

A purple and blue lace weight shawl is stretched out across a wooden display.

This whimsical garter and cabled lace asymmetrical shawl features a panel of lace on the right side of a center decrease line. Made using our Sparkle Lace Weight Silk Yarn, this shawl shimmers and shines in the sun.

Lotus Lace Shawl

A mannequin is facing away from the camera, wearing a lacy and flowy light pink shawl made out of pink hand beaded silk yarn

This Lotus Lace Shawl is an intricate, delicate pattern inspired by the elegance of the lotus.

Hand Beaded Silk Shawl

A woman with long brown hair, a black tank top, and wearing a brightly colored lace weight shawl around her shoulders, is posing in a greenhouse.

Layer up for those cool nights with this gorgeous shawl made from our glamorous hand beaded silk yarn!

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