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Perfect Crystals & Herbs For Crafting

Written by Kate Curry

I take it you’re a fan of crafting if you’re reading this. If not, maybe you’re craft-curious. Crafting can be a frustrating and mysterious skill that takes a lot of dedication and practice. But maybe…you can get a little mystical something-something to help you along. I don’t see my crafting crystals and herbs as a shortcut, they’re crafting aids that help me stay focused and do my best! If you’re at all interested in a little magical pick-me-up for your creative needs, try some of the crystals and herbs below!

Herbs For Crafting

Three skeins of yarn are laid out like a tower, the top skein blue, the middle skein pink, and the bottom skein yellow. Around the cakes of yarn are a few colorful flowers and herbs.


Lavender is one of my go-to herbs when I’m crafting. The light and soothing scent is used all across the world in soaps, oils, and candles to help promote rest and relaxation. Typically used for healing, love, protection, sleep, and purification, lavender is great to have around for good vibes while you’re crafting away.


Mostly used for healing, luck, and stress reduction, chamomile is a great herb to have stashed around. After all, with some patterns, you might need a little luck and stress killer!


This spicy herb is mainly used to hone your focus and is amazingly delicious. Have some cinnamon on hand to keep your focus while you’re working on rows 1-200 of your newest WIP!


This scratchy little plant makes an amazing herb that is used to project, heal, and encourage the user. If you can’t find any herb nettle, we have some nettle yarn for you!


Sage has been used all over the world for its cleansing and protective abilities. If you’ve ever watched a scary ghost movie, you’ve probably heard of sage being burned to cleanse the haunted space. Keep your crafts un-haunted by having a little sage to help burn away that negative energy.

Crystals For Crafting 

Bright pink yarn being worked up by shiny metal needles. A turquoise crystal hangs off the silver stitch counter.


Known as a stone of inspiration, amethyst can calm your mind, protect you from nightmares, and purify your creative space. Amethyst should be in everyone’s tool  kit, but crafters especially need that sweet sweet inspiration!

Lapis Lazuli

This gorgeous blue stone wards off a ton of spookie baddies and negative vibes. This crystal also helps you focus and stimulates your mind. It can also help encourage open and honest communication, which all crafters need to have with themselves when they’re working on their art.


Glowing like a little sun, citrine is known as a stone of abundance and clarity. It can also help elevate your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. Let’s be honest, all artists hit a low sometimes and citrine will help give you the clarity and strength to get back up to create! 


My favorite crystal of all time, labradorite is known as the stone of transformation. This stone helps calm the overactive mind, relieves stress, and promotes confidence within yourself! There have been tons of times where I’m in the middle of a project and I can feel my confidence hit rock bottom. That’s when it’s nice to push through and have a little bit of labradorite on hand!

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