Passion, Culture, and Supply Chain- an Interview with Nicole Snow from The Unconventional Path

Have you ever wanted know more about the the origins and culture of Darn Good Yarn? Last week, our founder and CEO Nicole Snow did an interview on the podcast The Unconventional Path: Secrets to Igniting Your Business with Bela and Bela. In her interview with Mike, Nicole discusses the events and ideas that drove her to start a business, her inspiration for selling recycled and handmade products, and the ideals and goals that make Darn Good Yarn succeed. 

From the story of how she first began online sales to her present-day business priorities, Nicole talks about the purpose and evolution of our company. 

If you are a small business owner or employee, we hope that you find encouragement in Nicole's words on keeping our business focused on core principles and objectives that drive you and our company and its employees forward. 

Learn about how your purchases from DGY support private artisans in India and Nepal, and about how the staff and operations at DGY function in a way that encourages both staff and customers to Start at Love. 


Listen to the full episode here: