Partnering for the Greater Good - Darn Good Yarn

Partnering for the Greater Good

At Darn Good Yarn, we value just what you think we would: partnership. From our women’s entrepreneurial cooperatives in India and Nepal who hand craft our products with fair trade principles, to the hands on concierge-type customer service we provide to our wonderful customers here in the states (and the rest of the world), it only makes sense for us to take this a step further into our shipping and operations team.

Around the beginning of March, we took a huge leap right into the open arms of Schenectady ARC. The ARC is New York’s largest non-profit organization supporting those with varying abilities. We live in a world that so quickly deems people either employable or unemployable, leaving them with a world of opportunities... or just the opposite. The ARC works to employee those who the world finds unemployable but  they see as “just right”. Through the right set of eyes, you can see that we all have skills and talents to offer one another.

With the help of Torie Wells, Albany’s CBS 6 helps us tell our story of how we brought our business full circle from employing women overseas to employing those we truly believe in here at home.