Nicole's Corner: Downtime really means go time! - Darn Good Yarn

Nicole's Corner: Downtime really means go time!

Hello! If you haven't heard, I've been super sick with whatever the latest hack up your lung cold, cough and flu that has been going around and even though my body didn't let me keep up with all of the things I had planned for last week, I didn't let it keep me from being productive! I've said before that when the unexpected comes, it's time to be flexible and go with the flow. Downtime is the perfect time to put a new project on your needles, and then think, get perspective, come up with new ideas, and make sure that you are staying true to your vision. When you have a chance (or are forced to) to step away from the daily grind, it's easier to remember the big picture and think about whether all of the day-to-day is helping to achieve it. So, let me share just a few of the thoughts and ideas I had while recovering...

-New patterns...on day one of being under the weather, I took some Black Yickity Yak Wool, Reclaimed Suede Ribbon, and Recycled Rainbow Silk Yarn and came up with the Black Magic Woman Shawl. I'm looking forward to wearing this more and more as the weather turns cool with the upcoming fall! It's going to be great for putting around my shoulders or tying around my waist with some leggings and t-shirt. I also made a wine bottle gift bag with our At the Bahamas Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn. This is going to give you a great way to present that bottle of wine to your host with the upcoming holiday party season. Better yet, make one for the host, but make sure to make one for yourself too! This looks amazing just sitting on the table. I'll have the pattern out ASAP, so watch for it!

-New products...we just got in a huge shipment of product and there are so many new items on the site and so many more to come. Did you catch all the fun and vibrant colors of banana yarn? That's just a piece of it! Thank you to all who are participating in our naming contests on our Facebook page! We love your ideas and wish we could use them all...but if you didn't win, keep your eyes peeled for more because we still have lots of fresh products to bring you. We just got a fresh batch of sari skirts too! They won't last long, so if you've been waiting to get one, now is the time. Between the new products and my next share, I've been spending a lot of time sitting at the computer.

-A book...yep, that's right! I'm writing a book. Can you believe it? Sometime I can't, but every time I get a second, it's on my mind. And every time I get a minute or two, I sit down and try to get my ideas out. It's going to be all me, all small business, and all to help you know all the secrets of how Darn Good Yarn became what it is and how I work to keep it going and growing...consider it my own personal consultation session with you!

Stitches East...if you've been reading the blog, you know that we're going to be at Stitches East! We cannot wait to be part of the fun in Hartford, CN from October 9-12 and we're making plans for a space that's going to feel like home. We're hoping you'll feel as comfortable there as you do in your own living room. Please come see us, sit and chat, and knit or crochet a little or a lot. We'll bring the yarn and needles, you just bring you! I can't wait to see you there!

-Oh, and let me share one more thing with you! This week, we had a special visitor to our Schenectady, NY space. Linda, one of our fabulous Darn Good Yarn wholesalers, came to pick up a ton of yarn to take to the New York State Fair! Be sure to check her out in Syracuse, NY from August 21 to September 1 in the Wool Center across from the sheep barn. She says she'll have all of Darn Good Yarn's fibers that "grow on four legs." Here's wishing Linda a fabulous time at the fair - thanks for taking Darn Good Yarn to the people of New York!

So, sure, I wish that nasty virus had passed me by, but even though it didn't, the upside is that my ideas bucket is full and I'm feeling more grounded in my vision of what I want Darn Good Yarn to be. And now with all that time to think and plan, it's time to get back to the doing! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Nicole