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New Pattern: Silk Hippie Fringe Vest

Nothing says summer quite like a lightweight, fringe vest! Designed by Emily Nugen of @thebluemouse_, this intermediate knit pattern can be adjusted to fit any size and body shape. It's made using our best-selling Sari Silk Ribbon, giving you a wide range of color options, from solid, to patterns, to variegated tones.

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Close up of woman wearing black pants, black tee shirt, and Silk Hippie Fringe Vest standing in front of greenery

With this pattern, you can also learn how to add fringe to just about any knit or crochet project you've made, or plan on making. 

Meet the Artist:

Emily Nugen taught herself to knit when she was 9 years old. After knitting through high school, which was when she actually started her business, she continued on throughout college, and is now committed to making her business her full-time job. Emily plans on continuing to create new patterns and tutorials that are specifically catered towards beginner knitters who are itching to try more advanced projects, but need a little encouragement! Be sure to follow Emily on Instagram, and YouTube, and check out her Etsy page, to stay up to date with what's to come.