New Pattern: Oasis Shorts - Darn Good Yarn

New Pattern: Oasis Shorts

These blue and white crochet shorts are a must for the warmer weather! Pair them over a bathing suit, with a casual tank top for a day party, or a cute pair of sandals for evening wear. This pattern is available in a variety of sizes, and will help you with your sizing and stitching techniques! 

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Woman wearing crochet oasis shorts and white tee shirt, holding a coffee mug, and standing in grass in front of a wooden fence

Meet the Designer: Lisa Chisholm of @teapraycrochet

Lisa was introduced to crocheting when she was 8, by her favorite aunt. She was constantly in awe with all the projects that spun off her auntie's needles, but never actually created anything herself until after her last son was born. While she loves hearing her sons telling their friends about how she owns her own crochet business, she also loves the fact that watching football with her DH (Darling Husband) has become so much more bearable. Stay in touch with Lisa by following her on Instagram, @teapraycrochet.