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Must-Have Vacation Looks

Ah, Summertime. Longer days, warmer nights, and…vacation? That’s right! The cold and dark days of winter may get you wishing for sandy destinations, but springtime is often the best time for a beach vacation to escape the doldrums of the last of winter's fury. Luckily, once you’ve booked a room and planned your itinerary, we have the essentials for a perfect vacay. Silk scarves, wrap-around skirts, Kantha blankets…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…err, beach blanket!

Apparel Essentials

A woman wearing a blue and white blouse is tying her sari wrap skirt as it is blown by the ocean breeze. Behind her is crystal clear blue water and a few large white luxury boats.

While packing for the beach, you’ll probably grab all the usual suspects—sandals, t-shirts, sunglasses, and more. But if you want to kick up your confidence and style, check out some of these unique and flattering fits. A wrap-around skirt is one of our favorites due to its timeless shape and forgiving wrap style. This Sari Wrap Skirt is a fantastic look for the seaside, the boardwalk, and a backyard BBQ. It comes in multiple colors and lengths, so you can find the style that fits your personality. Each and every wrap-around skirt is handmade by our co-ops in India, ensuring that skilled artisans maintain year-round employment. In addition, recycled saris are utilized to ensure every wrap-around skirt is one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly.

A person wearing a black and white bikini, a teal blue sari duster, and mirrored glasses is walking up the beach, away from the ocean in the background.

Not a fan of skirts? No biggie - we have our adorable short dusters! These dusters are handmade out of reclaimed and recycled materials, and it are perfect for lounging around the beach. Feeling the cool ocean air whip around your duster is such a soothing and luxurious experience! These dusters, like our skirts, are all one-of-a-kind, so that you won't be caught in a fashion faux-pas on the shore! 

A woman with long brown hair is facing her right, the wind blowing her hair in her face. She's wearing a black spahgetti strap dress and a gorgoeous handmade blue, pink, and white under the sea duster. Behind her you can see the calm blue ocean.

We have some fantastic options for a wardrobe staple you can make yourself. First and foremost is our Under The Sea Duster! This easy pattern creates a stunning and net-like beach duster that can be worn over anything, from a bathing suit cover-up to a luxurious accessory to a formal dress.

A woman's face is hidden by the brim of her hat. She's wearing a white bathing suit and a pair of baggy black pants. Over her shoulder is an orange circular bag. She's barefoot in the sand and behind her is a field of beach grass.

Perfect for the beach, you can handmake this bag with our eco-friendly hemp yarn! This bag is awesome for a trip down to the shore and can hold all your beach necessities - especially sunscreen. 

A pair of white and blue shorts, a white lacy blouse, a straw hat, a white beaded bracelet, and a pair of dark sunglasses are laid out on a light wooden floor.

Another option is our Oasis Shorts Crochet Pattern. With nautical blue detailing, an optional drawstring tie, and fun blue detailing; you’ll have fun creating your very pair of beach-ready shorts. Be sure to get the kit if you’d like the white and blue linen yarn we used in our example.

Essential Accessories

A young black girl is wearing a black tank top and a bright orange and black sari silk medley scarf around her head as a hair wrap. The sun is shining on her back and behind her is the glistening ocean.

Regarding beach accessories, you might picture a sun hat or flip-flops. It might sound crazy, but one of our favorite accessories for sunshine and Springtime vacays is a scarf! That’s right—a silk scarf can be the light, airy, pretty thing that takes your outfit to the next level. Foldable and effortlessly packable, you’ll want to bring at least one of these silk scarves (if not two or three, or more) on your next long-haul trip. 

Multicolored market tote sitting on a white surface

Okay, you’ve got your outfit, your silk scarves, and maybe a delicious lunch. Now how are you going to get it to the beach? That’s where a tote comes in! For the DIY Queen, this Market Tote Kit is a no-brainer. With one-of-a-kind yarn made from reclaimed textiles and the option to knit or crochet your tote, this will be both your go-to beach tote and your own piece of art. Get ready—locals and tourists alike will be asking you where you got this basket! Another vacay option is our Bollywood Tote Bag, a large tote covered in different squares of fabric and decorated with colorful, swingy pompoms. This one is not only on-trend, but highly durable and structured. You won’t be digging for your sunglasses in the bottom of this bag.

No matter what you decide to do this Spring, be sure to prepare like a vacay professional with these packable, ecofriendly, fashionable essentials. They’ll help take the stress out of vacation and give you more time to relax—really relax—by the water, on the beach, in a cabin, or wherever your Spring or next vacay takes you.