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Meet Veena

Written by Kate Curry

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FEATURED ARTISAN: 50% of every yarn bowl purchase will go towards helping Veena.

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Currently, Darn Good Yarn employs over 600 artisans all over the world! These artisans do a plethora of jobs- from dyeing, to spinning, and packaging! At one of our co-ops in India, all of the packaging is overseen by our lovely manager, Veena!

Veena, a beautiful young Indian woman is sitting at a gray table. She's wearing a red floral sari and holding a green handmade wooden weaving comb box in her hands. The table is filled with wooden weaving combs and to the right side of the table is a sign that reads 'I'm a packing expert. I pack everything- crochet hooks, yarn swift, shawlpin, yarn bowls ect.
Veena, Darn Good Yarn Packing Manager & Expert

Veena has recently become a manager and she loves her job and her team. She’s in charge of packaging our handmade wooden products like our yarn bowls, crochet hooks, knitting needles, and swifts. These products have to be packaged carefully to ensure that the artisan’s hard work will be safe on the long journey to DGY HQ!

A group of 6 Indian men and women, all who work to create yarn with Darn Good Yarn, are posing for the camera. A woman in the center of the picture is holding a piece of paper that reads 'Thank you for making our lives better'!
Veena and her team

Two months ago, Veena’s husband had an accident at his job and fell from the second floor. He fractured his hip and he needs an operation to help alleviate his pain and repair his bones and joint. DGY has already arranged over $300 for his surgery, but we’re still short!

Currently, Veena is helping take care of her husband and following the doctor’s orders. The doctor has recommended a diet of fruits (apples, pomegranates, ect) to help increase his immunity in preparation for his healing journey.

How You Can Help

We are working to raise the money for the surgery as quickly as possible and you can help by supporting the products that Veena has packed! Yarn bows are perfect for all types of fiber artists, as are swifts and yarn husbands. I much prefer wooden needles and hooks to metal that can be a little harsh on the hands!

You can support artisans like Veena by purchasing our handmade wooden products. Or by purchasing from our Be Darn Good collection, which helps support our Darn Good Fund where we use a portion of the proceeds for the medical needs of our artisans and their families.

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Meet the Author

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Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.