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Meet the Artist: Sierra Tosner

Name: Sierra Tosner
Instagram: @sweeteverlyb
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Sierra Tosner's first crochet project was for her unborn son, and during her pregnancy, she fell in love with crocheting. Through her next pregnancy, Sierra decided that, in order to be able to stay home with her kids, she needed to take this hobby and turn it into a full scale business. Nap time is spent stitching and unraveling new patterns, and challenges are seen as opportunity. 

Continue on to read how Sierra juggles her business and running a household, and click click here to download her Watercolor Pillow Pattern!

1. When did you start crocheting? How did you learn?

The first time I picked up a crochet hook I was pregnant. My motivation came from knowing a handmade hat would keep my little guy warm. Stitch by stitch, I slowly learned while watching videos. It took me a full 6 months to finish that hat.

2. What is your favorite memory involving crocheting?

One of my favorite memories was when I put that hat on my firstborn. The first little tug from his hand and the whole hat unraveled. Ugh… I thought I had “figured out” how to crochet, but the reality was there is no figuring it out. Just like parenting, you keep learning and growing as the challenges arise.

3. What inspired you to create your own small business?

The idea of having something I love become my job was my inspiration. I actually already had that, I loved my job as a hairstylist. But after having my second child, it was clear I needed to stay home with my kids. I needed to find a job doing something else I loved.

To fulfill my creative mind I found myself crocheting more and more. Dissecting each stitch and tweaking patterns to fit my style. Creating new designs with the Gilmore Girls on in the background quickly became my nap time routine.

I started to enjoy being at home. I went from counting down the days, to being excited I could work from home. God used my maker heart to enjoy this slower time in my life.

Being a maker has always been a part of me. Now it gets to be my job.

4. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far in your fiber arts career?

There are so many challenges when you’re a one woman show. The biggest for me is putting too much pressure on myself. Unnecessary deadlines, great designs, all while trying to be a Pinterest perfect mom. It’s not practical and not how I want to live.

This year my saying is “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” I can’t do all the things nor should I. I’m learning to choose my priorities first and the rest will fall into place.

5. What tips do you have for other crafters who are looking to take their art to the next level? 

It’s OK to fail. If you never fail that means you’re not challenging yourself.

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That’s success.”- Zig Zigler

I have tried to knit countless times. Every time it ended with a jumbled mess of yarn and frustration. I turned my weakness, knitting, into a strength by creating knit-look crochet designs.

When you feel like quitting, I encourage you to pivot instead. Try looking at your challenge in a new light and make it work for you.

6. What’s next for you?  

The next few months are filled with exciting collaborations. Lots of new crochet designs and tutorials. I have learned so much from the amazing maker community. I want to give back to that community and be an inspiration to others. My hope is that when someone is creating one of my designs their maker heart is being fulfilled. That they take a moment to enjoy the slower times in their life.