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Meet Soniya

Featured Artisan

Currently, Darn Good Yarn employs over 600 artisans all over the world! These artisans do many jobs- from dyeing to spinning and packaging! With all of our different products, quality control is a top priority! Meet one of our quality control experts: Soniya.

Soniya, a young Indian woman wearing gray and navy blue is sitting at a gray table. In her hands is a wooden yarn swift. To the right of the table is a white sign that reads 'I'm a QC expert. I make sure that only quality product reaches you!

Soniya has been working with us for a few years now, and her favorite part of her job is the work environment. The co-op and the other artisans have become her second home and family. Speaking of family, Soniya is a single parent to two young children, a boy, and a girl. 

Three years ago, Soniya’s husband unexpectedly passed away. Alone to support her children, Soniya left her hometown to find a job that could support herself and her children. Described by her co-workers as a “very daring woman” and a “woman of self-respect,” Soniya has faced many challenges from a very young age, but she hasn’t let them make her bitter. Instead, she sees herself as a “giver” rather than a “taker” and is very proud of all she has achieved. 

Soniya, to the back right of the picture, is posing for a group picture with the rest of the team at her co-op

How You Can Help

With every purchase from Darn Good Yarn, you are helping young single mothers such as Soniya thrive. She cannot only support her children but also ensure that they have an education! If you purchase any products from our Do Darn Good Collection, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Darn Good Fund. This fund is used to help mothers like Soniya pay for tuition so their children can go to school! 

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