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Meet some of the women who create Darn Good Yarn

by Nicole Snow June 06, 2017

Meet some of the women who create Darn Good Yarn

Hi there, Nicole here! I just wanted to take a few moments to share just a few " Day in the Life" stories with you from the women that create our yarns and skirts that you get! The great thing is that you make a HUGE difference in these women's lives. Whenever you purchase one of our skirts, chances are they went through the hands of one of these women. 

We hope you feel enriched and happy whenever you wear the skirt and are reminded of all the good in the world. 


Founder & CEO 
Darn Good Yarn Inc.

Meet Biwi Chunni. Her husband is a cart puller. She is part of a family of 10, with 4 daughters and 4 sons. She has worked for Darn Good Yarn for 8 years. She supports her family on what she makes from making for Darn Good Yarn!


Meet Biwi Subaida. She is part of a family of 10. She has 2 sons and 6 daughters. Her husband is a weaver. She is an expert spinner and can make up to 4kg of yarn a day! Creating yarn for Darn Good Yarn gives regular sustainable income to make her household run!


Meet Biwi Fatima. She has a family of eight people. She has two daughters and four sons. Her goal is to get her daughters into college! While she has paralysis in her left limbs she still manages to run her home and create for Darn Good Yarn. Making for Darn Good Yarn has provided extra support to her family as her husband works in construction as a laborer. She's proud to fill the demands for her children like clothing, festivals and saving for emergencies.


Meet Miss Tarranum. Her father is a laborer. She is part of a family of 10 with four sisters and four brothers. She's been making yarn for us since Darn Good Yarn started. She loves making for Darn Good Yarn because she can help her father run the family as well as work from home in a safe environment. She also uses the money she makes for paying for her tuition.


Meet Mrs. Heena. Her husband is a shopkeeper and she has one daughter. She's been working for Darn Good Yarn for five years. She likes to create for Darn Good Yarn because it is a family friendly occupation that allows her to work from home and be with her daughter. She's happy too because she use to make hand rolled cigarettes but there are health hazards with that occupation (like tobacco poisoning) and now she doesn't have to risk her health to support her family. 








Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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