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Meet our Newest Brand Ambassador - April Jordan

August 10, 2017 1 min read

April is collaborating with Darn Good Yarn as our 1st Brand Ambassador. April is a sustainable lifestyle blogger, covering topics such as fair trade fashion, eco beauty, conscious home decor and, of course, coffee! In her spare time she can be found reading a new book, jogging by the ocean in Vancouver, or exploring new coffee shops in the city.
Woman sitting on a beige couch in front of a pink, purple, and white mandala tapestry hanging on the wall
April's journey to sustainability began several years ago on a trip to build a safe youth center in Mexico City. After witnessing the poverty and doing more research into what causes such situations, she eventually realized that using our dollars to vote for items being made under fair conditions, could possible help alleviate negative living conditions and forced labour around the world.
This journey eventually spurred a desire to see not only people but animals and the planet treated with fairness, dignity and consideration, and inspired the journey to sustainable living!
Check out some of her awesome blog posts on our Cotton Wrap Skirts and our Wall Tapestry
Interested in becoming one of our Brand Ambassadors? Email us at