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Meet Mohammed Afnan Pasha & Sabeeha

Artisan Profile

The artisans that we have the privilege to work with are the most selfless, kind, and altruistic people that we have ever met. Many artisans, having come from poverty, work not for themselves, but so that their families can have better lives.

Sabeeha (pronounced Saa-bee-ha) has been working with us since 2012 creating ribbon yarn. Unlike our spun yarns (e.g. Worsted Weight Yarn), Ribbon Yarn is made by tearing reclaimed fabric and then sewing those strands together to make silky ribbon.

Purple and green ribbon yarn is spun onto spools. They will soon be turned into hanks of gorgeous ribbon yarn.
Spindles of ribbon yarn in Pickled Pear and Ultra Violet

Sabeeha's specialty is making these types of Ribbon Yarns, carefully and masterfully sewing them together. The last time Nicole went to India, she was able to meet with Sabeeha alongside her other ribbon-making coworkers!

A woman is sitting at her sewing machine, ready to sew the colorful fabric together to make ribbon yarn.
Artisans use sewing machines to create the Sari Ribbon Yarn

Everything that Sabeeha does is for her son, Mohammed Afnan Pasha (pronounced Mo-ha-med af-nuhn paa-shuh). Mohammed is in high school and loves learning. His mother's goal is to make sure that he graduates. Education is not always guaranteed to children in India, something that may seem shocking to people living in the USA. Access to education depends on where you live, your families standing in the caste system, your gender, and of course your families' finances.

Sabeeha and her son are smiling for the camera, both wearing bright pink.
Sabeeha and her son Mohammed Afnan Pasha

With the support of our community, Sabeeha's job makes it possible for her son to get the education he deserves and loves! Dozens of children just like Mohammed have had their lives changed for the better because of support from people like you.