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Meet Chriss! Crocheter Extraordinaire!

Nicole: So here goes the question, what inspires you to create what you do?

Chriss: Well, that is a complicated question, sometimes I see an item on a person, such as a hat or a belt, and I haven't seen it done in crochet, before. So I try it, and sometimes it works out horribly and sometimes I come up with a really awesome item or pattern.

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My daughter, Billie, is a huge inspiration. She is such a huge help when it comes to being able to wear things in different ways. Sometimes, we talk about an idea that didn't work out, and she can help me modify the idea. Not to mention, she is my resident model.

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Crochet had this bad rap for a long time as being, doilies, mile-a-minute afghans, bulky vests, and slippers. Not to say those things don't have their place in crochet, its just crochet is so much more. A lot of people hear crochet and are immediately put off, then I show them and they are so shocked! So, I get inspiration thru breaking boundaries or changing the way people think about crochet.

I have said this one before, knitters/knitting inspire(s) me. Why? There has been a major explosion of crochet patterns in the past 7-8 years, but before that it was hard to find cutting edge/ or even really trendy crochet patterns. There are so many really great knitting patterns, so sometimes I look to whats happening in the world of knitting.

The origin of yarn can be inspiring. I look at the texture, drape, and color of the yarn. We'll use DGY Premium Recycled Sari Silk for an example: Well, first off its silk, and silk has wonderful drape. Color? Well, that one speaks for itself. Texture, I love to work with Sari Silk in fairly tight stitches, that way it stays put and doesn't fray too much. Also, I think that is one of the best ways to display the yarn.

Premium Recycled Silk Yarn

And lastly nature inspires me, sometimes its listening to the rain, an awesome sunset, being in my veggie garden, playing with my kids, or like many others the season inspires me.
You say, "why?" And I say, "why not?"